Airport Belgrade Catering inks Etihad deal


The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, has signed up Airport Belgrade Catering (ABC) company to provide air hospitality, on board retail services and logistic solutions for an initial period of three years covering more than 700 Etihad flights annually. The ABC company was recently fully acquired by the Emirati-owned Cirta Group. In August, Air Serbia secured the biggest deal in the Serbian air hospitality sector with ABC and will provide catering services and logistics solutions to the company for the next eight years. The new deal with Etihad Airways will enhance ABC’s local and regional achievements, Cirta Group’s Chairman, Abdulla Al Shammari, said.


  1. Anonymous14:04

    700 flights per year? Does it mean they will have two flight per day the whole year? Maybe Air Arabia will launch AUH-BEG flights?

    1. Anonymous14:43

      well it is a flight from AUH and a fligh to AUH.

    2. Coma17:40

      But they can’t cater it in Belgrade for AUH - BEG sector. Maybe they will have double daily.

    3. Anonymous17:45

      Unless they mean that they empty the catering from AUH-BEG flights

  2. I'm not sure what this means?

    "Air Serbia secured the biggest deal in the Serbian air hospitality sector with Air Serbia"

  3. what is happening with air serbia catering?
    are they still operating?


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