Banja Luka Airport continues dream run


Banja Luka Airport has continued to post strong growth by handling 13.174 passengers in October, representing an increase of 602.2%. Over the elapsed ten months, the airport welcomed 123.743 travellers, up 580% on the same period in 2019. Banja Luka’s strong growth is primarily on the back of Ryanair, which plans to introduce two new routes from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city in 2020, from Hahn on February 3 and Vienna on April 3. The latter will be operated by the budget carrier on behalf of its subsidiary Lauda.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN8.838 634.7
FEB7.805 988.6
MAR9.962 770.8
APR12.460 589.9
MAY12.780 664.8
JUN14.190 518.6
JUL17.073 449.1
AUG14.976 354.5
SEP12.485 393.9
OCT13.174 602.2


  1. Anonymous13:34

    So 150.000 this year? Would be cool if JU could open INI-BNX.

    1. Anonymous13:37

      INI-LJU is a hit so why not?

    2. Anonymous14:54

      lol hit

    3. Anonymous15:07

      Care to elaborate last Anon?

  2. Anonymous14:34

    a dream run?

    with 13.000 passengers a month?

    even if ju would have flown empty, ryanair would not have achieved its average load factor here in the last two months

    and considering that even for christmas/new year they still have vast amounts of 9.99 tickets left, it is unlikely that they do not record significant losses here so far.

    hope it will changes soon

    the good thing is, that we have at least a scheduled flight every day

    1. Anonymous15:01

      It is a dream run if you compare these numbers with previous years.

    2. Anonymous15:15

      FR is aggressive and I am sure they are keeping low fares to annoy W6 in TZL.

    3. Anonymous23:14

      Agree, that's not sustainable growth! JU is the only sustainable airline, but the rest, if you don't pay, no flights

  3. Bad news for Zagreb

    1. Anonymous15:30

      bad news for xy and bravo hrvatska top the list of useless comments

    2. Bravo 15.39! U sridu! Ne mogu vjerovati koliko frustriranih ljudi ima ovdje!

    3. Polako momci! Nemojte se ljutiti. Veliki broj ljudi iz Okoline Banjaluke i Posavine letela je iz u Evropu i svet iz Zagreba. E, sad, ako iz Banjaluke ove godine poleti 200.000 putnika - barem svaki treci leteo bi iz Zagreba.
      Ili, da drugacije kazemo - barem svaki peti putnik Zagreba je iz Posavine ili Bosanske Krajine. Sve ovo gravitira Banja Luci (manje od 100km je udaljeno). Ako postoji let iz Banja Luke (a uz to je jeftiniji) - velika vecina ljudi iz ovog kraja nece leteti iz Zagreba nego iz Banja Luke.
      Mozda vas to ljuti, ali istina je takva - svidelo se vama ili ne!

    4. Anonymous19:34

      Sure, 13.000 passengers, even if they all are from Zagreb is tragic for Zagreb. Zagreb should close immediately as business is ruined.

      How many of those are form Zagreb 5%, 10%, 15%? So, some 1.500 passengers. That is 0,4% of Zagreb passengers. Immediately close business. Zagreb is ruined.

    5. Nemjee07:13

      Well, for starters ZAG-AMS numbers crashed the moment LJU-AMS was launched by Transavia and this is something xxx is talking about. Airports do not only serve the city they are located in but rather the wider zone called catchment area. For example, someone from Zagreb will most likely not travel to Banja Luka or Ljubljana to catch a similarly priced flight but what about people in continental Croatia? Take Osijek as an example. Why should someone from Osijek travel to ZAG to catch a €250 flight to Brussels if he can do that from BNX for €50?

      This is where airports such as Tuzla, Nis or Banja Luka found their success.

      No need to be dramatic, this is an aviation forum, whole point is to discuss and not to attack others.

    6. Anonymous07:37

      ZAG-AMS has actually very good LF. And the government officials don't travel to CRL. They travel to BRU due to connectivity to the city. I don't know how much there are passengers that are flying to Brussels for pleasure, but my assumption is that the number is much smaller than the number of passengers travelling for business. Banja Luka can affect P2P pax to Germany and Austria. Who ever is transferring is still going to use ZAG or BEG. Anyway congrats from Zagreb to Banja Luka on good performance.

    7. Anonymous20 November 2019 at 19:34
      Ti prijetelju ili nikada nisi leteo iz Zagreba, ili se namerno pravis Englez! Pa vise od trecine putnika tamo nije iz Zagreba! Ljudi koji lete iz Zagreba su cesto iz Bosne, Slavonije, Dalmacije...
      Kada bi iz Zagreba leteli samo oni koji zive u Zagrebu, ne bi imao ni 2 miliona putnika godisnje!

    8. Anonymous16:56

      ZAG AMS has good LF now that KL is sending a regional jet six times per week.

  4. Anonymous17:16

    So happy that all Bosnian airports are registering good growth last few months! Amazing for such a small country :)

  5. Anonymous21:27

    So, BNX will surpass INI by next year? This is crazy!
    FR are quietly adding more Polish routes.
    Perhaps WMI-OMO is next!

    1. Nemjee07:14

      Doubt it, don't forget that INI will have all those JU flights in H1 2020 plus Malta by FR. BNX is growing nicely but they still have a long way to go. That said, if things remain as they are, INI might overtake TZL next year.

      Hope to see more charters by JU from BNX next year, maybe even a new destination?

    2. Anonymous08:14

      INI is gaining MLA but losing BUD, ZRH, HHN & NYO. Basically there will be growth until summer only because of JU expansion. Same like BEG.
      BNX is also having many extra flights in Xmas. Truly stellar performance.

    3. Anonymous08:28

      It is not loosing HHN. Air Serbia flies there.

    4. Anonymous08:33

      Yeah? What about this?

    5. Anonymous08:35

      Yeah read the news. Air Serbia operates flights Nis-Hahn so the route is not lost. Ryanair never operated the route.

    6. Nemjee09:23

      Anon 08.14 your comment is extremely malicious and filled with fabricated facts.

      1. INI is not losing HHN by FR since flights were never launched. So the only real loss are flights to NYO, ZRH and BUD. That said, given the abysmal loads to BUD I doubt the airport will feel it.

      2. Isn't Wizz Air increasing MMX-INI from 3 to 4 weekly next year?

      3. What do you mean that BEG's growth will be only because of JU? The last time I checked almost all increases so far are by foreign airlines: LX +5, W6 +1, U2 +1, EW +3, LO +7. So far the only increase JU has announced is BCN which goes from 2 to 3 flights from June in stead of August like last year.

    7. Anonymous09:24

      INI to overtake TZL next year? Yeah right :)

    8. Nemjee09:33

      Well, unless Tuzla gets some more flights it will more or less stagnate. Right now their growth is +0.3% which isn't great. My guess is that next year they will be around 590.000 while INI will surely surpass 500.000. In the first ten months of the year INI grew by 14% and in H1 2020 we are going to have all the JU flights plus FR from MLA. Growth should be healthy.

    9. Anonymous13:37

      Nemjee, so how is "surely surpassing 500.000" more than "590.000" for next year? :)

    10. Nemjee13:45

      Well, they will surely surpass 500.000 on their way to 590.000. ;)

      Like I said, INI has a good chance at growing next year and at reaching TZL levels. For the time being it seems like not much will change there so there won't be much growth. Naturally this will change if Wizz Air decides to base another plane there.

  6. Anonymous11:47

    Göteborg - Banja Luka bi povecao drasticno broj putnika. Zasto se ne uvede let koji povezuje ove destinacije?

    1. Anonymous12:13

      Требало би Српска да понуди Ер Србији субвенције те да лете Ниш-Гетебург-Бања Лука-Гетебург-Ниш.

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