Condor to launch Tivat operations


Leisure carrier Condor will introduce seasonal services between Frankfurt and Tivat during the 2020 summer season. Flights will operate twice per week, each Tuesday and Friday, using an Airbus A320 aircraft. The airline previously served the route in 2013. The development comes after Lufthansa launched flights between the two cities this summer. The German national carrier will resume the once weekly route on April 5, 2020. Further flight details for Condor’s new Tivat service can be found here.

Meanwhile, Tivat Airport continued to post growth in October by handling 83.773 passengers, representing an increase of 33.1%. The number of aircraft movements stood at 463, up 16.6%. Over the elapsed ten months, Tivat Airport welcomed 1.316.568 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 9.9%. It has added an extra 118.252 passengers so far this year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN21.080 6.2
FEB16.900 2.2
MAR26.863 16.4
APR55.542 15.4
MAY99.126 10.0
JUN215.119 6.4
JUL279.795 8.8
AUG292.748 8.2
SEP225.622 8.5
OCT83.773 33.1


  1. Anonymous16:34

    Welcome back,Condor:-)

  2. Anonymous16:39

    TIV numbers are truly impressive. Such a small airport,with that numbers are amazing feat.

  3. Anonymous16:55

    What on earth happened at TIV in October?

    1. Anonymous17:19

      The warmest October ever... Maybe late bookings, taking advantage of the beautiful weather?

    2. Anonymous17:19

      Additional Air Serbia flights from Belgrade and Niš.

    3. Anonymous05:16

      In october was more flts to TLV,FRA,DUS and MUC,plus more constantly overbooked U2 to MAN and LGW. FYI, EW added some flts in late dec to early jan 2020.

    4. Anonymous06:18

      Yesterday I was in Big Fashion Mall and there was a New Year's mini fair organized by Montenegro. They were promoting different spots for New Year celebrations, thank God there was no Podgorica. They advertized Kotor, Budva, Bar ... all destinations that would be served by Tivat airport. Montenegro Airlines was present there as well.

      For Montenegro Serbian tourists matter the most and seems like they realized they need to put in more effort now that they are competing for Serbs with Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt ... where most of these are actually cheaper than Montenegro.

      If they do manage to attract some winter tourists there then Tivat will considerably reduce its seasonality.

  4. Anonymous06:20

    BTW if TIV keeps on growing like this next year they will overtake LJU for sure.

  5. Anonymous09:03

    Montenegro keeps winning.

  6. Anonymous09:43

    Just came back from TIV on Monday after long sunny weekend there. It's definitely the weather. LF 100% on both flights by YM.

    1. Anonymous11:42

      From where?

    2. Anonymous13:02

      From Tivat

    3. Anonymous13:48

      Dude I mean where did you fly from Tivat.

    4. Anonymous14:12

      To home :)))
      Sorry, I had to do it, I'm not original poster :)


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