Croatia’s top airports record busy October


Croatia's three busiest airports - Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik – all saw their passenger numbers increase in October.

Zagreb Airport handled 330.598 passengers during the month, representing an increase of 3.9%. The number of aircraft movements grew 1.9% to 3.970. During the January - October period, Zagreb Airport welcomed 2.957.109 travellers through its doors, up 2.4% on last year. So far in 2019, it added an extra 69.739 passengers compared to 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
FEB181.154 6.2
MAR232.978 4.2
APR280.790 10.6
MAY311.368 3.6
JUN336.618 1.5
JUL366.242 3.4
AUG376.026 0.9
SEP350.138 1.3
OCT330.598 3.9

Split Airport welcomed 247.172 passengers last month, representing an increase of 9.7%. In October, the airport handled its three-millionth traveller of the year, 21 days ahead of 2018. Overall, during the elapsed ten months, Split handled a record 3.214.702 passengers, up 6.2%. The airport added 189.563 travellers year-on-year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN36.360 6.9
FEB34.825 13.7
MAR50.037 5.9
APR151.381 25.8
MAY310.809 2.2
JUN513.706 8.2
JUL723.048 4.0
AUG672.261 7.0
SEP470.102 3.2
OCT247.172 9.7

Dubrovnik Airport saw 299.532 passengers pass through its doors last month, an impressive improvement of 22.7%. During the January - October period, 2.804.478 travellers used Dubrovnik Airport's services, up 12.6%. It has already surpassed 2018’s end-of-year result and added 314.920 travellers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN26.323 18.1
FEB33.765 40.3
MAR57.880 21.4
APR210.803 39.0
MAY315.037 8.1
JUN415.876 13.8
JUL514.723 8.4
AUG524.615 8.9
SEP405.924 5.1
OCT299.532 22.7


  1. Ce'res maraka da ce Emirates sljedecu sezonu doci u DBV a FlyDubai se izmjesta za SPU sezonski.

    Ce'res maraka!

  2. Anonymous10:34

    Zagreb was saved by JP as it got a lot of extra passengers. Without it growth would be closer to 0%. Until OU starts expanding or an LCC bases a plane there things won't change, at least not for the better.

    1. Anonymous10:44

      Agree! I read on other forum that OU is preparing something for ZAG for next summer, we'll just have to wait and see!

    2. Anonymous10:45

      I doubt they can afford anything grand

    3. Anonymous10:46

      They are not preparing anything until they get sold. They just got money from the state to survive the winter.

    4. Anonymous11:09

      Anon 10:46, they are opening new routes, but, like I said, we'll just have to wait if the rumors are true!

    5. Anonymous11:23

      Pretty sure ZAG would have been in the reds without JP collapse.

    6. Anonymous14:05

      so how come the number of operated flight grew as well?

    7. Anonymous15:56

      Number of flights also includes general aviation not only scheduled passenger flights.

  3. Anonymous10:36

    What's impressive is that in October the three airports are tied.

  4. Anonymous10:38

    Wow, DBV and SPU! Beyond expected! ZAG, hope next year will be better!

    ZAD in October:
    59.854 / 83.585

    YTD 2018 / 2019
    599.124 / 794.293

    1. Anonymous10:50

      PUY and ZAD will come close to 1 million next year. It might be 5 airports in the country above 1 million very soon.

    2. PUY nesto mrsavo ove godine

    3. Anonymous11:00

      PUY 7,6% rast nije uopce mrsavo

    4. Anonymous18:48

      Uopće nije mršavo.

  5. Anonymous11:07

    PUY in October:
    42.009 / 43.452

    YTD 2018 / 2019
    706.825 / 772.965

  6. Anonymous11:39

    Next year you will see ZAD keeping growth at current rates while SPU slowing down, possibly even declining a bit.

    1. Anonymous11:57

      Yeah right. SPU has already got many new routes.
      ZAD is operating way above their terminal capacity and have no much space left for big growth, especially in summer weekends.

    2. Anonymous12:00

      I just state the facts. Ryanair is very aggressive in ZAD and they will be taking pax from overpriced routes to SPU. It is just one hour drive between ZAD and SPU anyhow.

    3. Anonymous12:01

      ZAD needs more connections to the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Rotterdam the Hague still missing!

    4. Anonymous12:06

      There is Transavia summer route RTM - ZAD, 3 times per week, May - October

    5. Anonymous12:13

      ZAD has the huge potential as it already has two runways, a lot of space around it to expand and the new terminal construction is starting. It can easily cover the whole area between RJK and SPU. This combined with being close to A1 highway and close to Plitvice Lakes and islands I can easily say it will double its numbers in 5 years.

    6. Anonymous12:25

      SPU and ZAD will never be real competitors. Something like MXP and BGY.

    7. Anonymous12:26

      Don't forget that JU also launched ZAD flights and they are doing extremely well. I guess it helps they can't expand more in SPU. I heard next summer BEG-SPU will be all on A319.

    8. Anonymous12:49

      I don't agree SPU and ZAD will not be competitors. Of course they are and will be. ZAD is a contender and SPU is the title holder. Just that contender has more potential and is more eager to hit on the title holder. It will go to 12 rounds (years?) but the end result is far from being certain.

    9. Anonymous13:34

      Stvarno mislite da će Zadar rasti po infrastrukturi a Split neće?

    10. Anonymous13:41

      SPU can't grow until apron is expanded.

    11. Apron je cist OK....rulnice su ogranicavajuci faktor

    12. Anonymous15:22

      ZAD is in the middle of nowhere and SPU is in the urban zone. It costs a lot to buy a land for SPU and for ZAD it is much, much less. Furthermore, ZAD is practically on the A1 highway and to reach a highway it takes at least half an hour from SPU. Thus, ZAD will be much better option for all pax travelling for the whole strip between Zadar and Sibenik. Many others will even go to Split from ZAD as it takes only one hour by car to reach Split from ZAD.
      Once Gazenica starts to live to its full potential as cruise home port than the number of pax at ZAD will skyrocket.

    13. Anonymous15:37

      ZAD služi zadarskom, a SPU splitskom području i gotova priča.

    14. Anonymous16:09

      Nija ni tako jednostavno ni gotova prica. Npr. Jet2, Tui, Condor, prodaju 'holiday package' u Solarisu, Vodicama, Primostenu i imaju dvije opcije gdje ce letjeti.
      Split ce vikendima u sezoni biti sve vise i vise biti bukiran Legacy carrierima i poceti ce odbijati ove Leisure holiday subotama.

    15. Anonymous17:11

      Kao sto je odbio Transat

    16. Anonymous18:15

      SPU has developed nicely over the last couple of years, however, unlike DBV it has failed to refurbish the airside infrastructure sufficiently for the next step. And it will be much more difficult to do it at SPU compared to DBV and to ZAD. The land purchasing will take ages to complete, given how our land register is efficient. And in this game being late means losing to someone else, in this case ZAD. Their growth rates are at the expense of what SPU could have achieved if they had airside modernised in the past. Now ZAD has made a foothold and it will be difficult to reverse the trend.

  7. Anonymous12:20

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  8. Anonymous14:31

    I wonder what was the increase of pax from Slovenia in ZAG in october. I know that majority of Slo public sector were flying from ZAG as there were no other options in LJU. Now with most important routes restored pax will be back in LJU. Now with really good ticket prices, I'm sure LJU will also get some more travelers from Croatia.

  9. Zadar is pritry connected with Netherlands, it has flights to Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

    Maby new possible routes are to Amsterdam and Maastricht (will serve Aachen and Liege region too)

  10. Dubrovnik's the most impressive, only 30,000 pax behind Zagreb in October! Kudos


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