PHOTOS: Brussels Airlines touches down in Ljubljana


Brussels Airlines launched six weekly flights from the Belgian capital to Ljubljana yesterday, linking the two cities for the first time since the demise of Adria Airways in late September. Brussels is the eighth busiest destination from the Slovenian capital. Ljubljana Airport’s Head of Airline Management, Janez Krašnja, said he was pleased that Brussels Airlines had recognised the potential of the Slovenian market and decided to replace Adria on the route so quickly. The Star Alliance member airline will maintain its Ljubljana flights with the 141-seat Airbus A319 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous13:57

    Besides, some improvements for the LH summer schedules are on the horizont. Already in LH online booking system:
    Thursday, 09.04.2020 07:05 AM
    Ljubljana (LJU) - Frankfurt/Main International Airport (FRA)
    Thursday, 09.04.2020 20:30 PM
    Frankfurt/Main International Airport (FRA) - Ljubljana (LJU)

    1. JU520 BEGLAX20:04

      Also LX will hve Saturday evening and Sunday morning flight to LJU, probl to pick up transfer passengers to LAX SFO NRT KIX and PVG
      Mon-Fri regular 1235 ETD ZRH schedule. In my eyes they shld add Sat morning and Sun evening flts for P2P ZRH LJU traffic

    2. Anonymous06:50

      That's the exact same schedule they have for BEG in winter.

  2. Anonymous15:26

    PAX numbers; Inbound flight 78, outbound flight 132.
    LX flight yesterday was overbooked.

    1. Anonymous16:17

      woow nice for LX!

    2. Anonymous16:25

      Catastrophic load on the inbound flight.

    3. Really? Catastrophic?

    4. Anonymous18:50

      Yup 50% on the inaugural is catastrophic.

    5. Anonymous19:42

      Look at it this way; if you wanted to get from BRU to LJU yesterday, you hade at least 4 earlier connections via LH hubs;) Outbound flight was few seats from sold out.

    6. JU520 BEGLAX20:07

      If u try to book LX ZRH LJU this weekend Fri to LJU returning Sun cheapest option is 989 CHF. They must hve excellent loads. On Friday only Business is avbl

    7. Anonymous22:25

      Love it... another couch airline manager consulting SN around "catastrophic load"

    8. Inbound flight will be full on Friday, when "aparatčik" from BRU are coming home for weekend.

    9. Anonymous06:49

      Anon 22.25

      I am sorry but when you have an inaugural flight with media attention and all that, you want to brag you filled a plane. It's awkward to have it arrive half empty to LJU.

  3. Anonymous19:56

    Good for Slovenija, good good.
    Only concern is SN, soon they will focus entirely on long-haul, especially Afrique.
    Why not open new markets to Africa from LJU? This is something definitely lacking in the region.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX20:00

    Yesterday there was a/c type first landing in LJU: LX came with brandnew E190 E2. Will be now twice weekly in LJU until 27nov

  5. Anonymous22:20

    SN from LJU today was practically full.
    BTW very comfortable airplane... my knees were in shock, accustomed to the Adria A319 standard... suddenly so much leg room!!!

    Not to mention the price difference. In a few months Adria will be just a bad memory...


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