PHOTOS: Ljubljana terminal construction progresses


The construction of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport’s new terminal building is progressing and is due to be completed by the end of next year. Testing of the new terminal and its equipment is scheduled to commence in January 2021, while its opening is set to take place in June that same year, just ahead of Slovenia's six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which begins in July. Stretching over 10.000 square metres, the new terminal will feature a new departures hall with 22 check-in counters, five security lanes, three baggage carousels, a new baggage sorting facility, a large duty free shop, a new premium lounge, as well as new food and beverage facilities. The existing passenger terminal, which stretches over 13.000 square metres, will also be partially renovated. The two facilities will then be joined to form a single functioning unit. The new terminal will be a spacious fusion of concrete, wood and glass, reflecting the nearby Kamnik-Savinja Alps.


  1. Anonymous11:03

    I truly wish all the best to LJU, hope some new routes will open next year.

  2. Anonymous11:05

    LJU needs new destinations, bring back Copenhagen.

    1. Anonymous11:20

      Fraport is currently working with Lauda so expect VIE-LJU anytime soon. The Fraport cousin airports already will receive them next year: SKG, VAR, BOJ...

    2. Anonymous11:26

      Good to hear.

    3. Anonymous12:10

      There is no way, Lauda launches VIE-LJU, there is absolutely not enough p2p demand to fill up A320. This route was mostly for transfer pax. Maybe Austrian launch it one day, Lauda 99% not.

    4. Anonymous12:12

      Didn't we read here how JP had 37 passengers to VIE? Hardly enough for Lauda to fill their high density A320.

    5. Anonymous12:15

      how do they intend to fill 180 seats on this route?
      I've flown JP on this routes on several occasions, and even their CRJs were never completely full.
      Otherwise they would need to receive some subsidies or so, because Lauda is for sure not gonna introduce a loss making route.

    6. Anonymous12:28

      Flights to VIE were empty by the end because people were afraid to book flights with JP.

    7. Anonymous12:41

      I was talking about flights I've taken with them on this route during the last 10 years - it was always the same.
      And I didn't say they were empty, but they were not completely full - even during my last flight with them on this route, (first week of July 2019) they weren't empty, but had, as with the other flights approx 70-80% LF, out of 70+ seats.
      That's why I doubt they will be able to fill a 180 seat A320 Lauda Airbus.

    8. Anonymous13:33

      Yeah sure. And the next one is LJU - KLU

    9. Anonymous13:55

      FR even stopped domestic Germany routes with larger distances and *slightly* larger catchment area, but you expect them to do LJU-VIE with P2P traffic only with A320.

      Some people here need a bit of a reality check.

    10. Anonymous14:30

      Many people here often suggest that XY route won't work just because it didn't work in the past for JP (or any other airline). It has been proven many times that you can't just make conclusions based on previous experience. Different airlines have different business models, routes are opened or closed at different economic circumstances and such. Talking about LJU, we had for example WAW, IST, BEG, SVO and some otherr routes operated and failed by JP, yet we now have multiple daily flights on all of these routes with other airlines.
      However, for LJU-VIE flights I think it's very unlikely Lauda would start this route, because VIE is to close and you can't make any transfers with Lauda.

    11. Anonymous18:18

      LJU-VIE might work for LCC
      If offered cheap tickets people will travel. Ljubljana is becoming very popular tourist destination, and LCC option would allow Slovens to visit Vienna multiple times during year.

  3. Anonymous14:53

    It's good to see development in LJU and also some optimism for future. Now LJU got new airlines and some more are coming next year. With current ticket prices and new options also people will become more confident travelling from LJU. Good that LJU is looking ahead and they didn't hold investments despite JP's collapse, because they will need all the instrastructure in the future for sure.


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