Planemaker bids for Adria Flight School


The Slovenian ultralight electric aircraft maker Pipistrel has confirmed it submitted a bid for the Adria Airways Flight School, which is part of the bankruptcy estate of the former flag carrier. Pipistrel is bidding for the school as a whole, including all its assets, brand and licence. The flight school’s biggest asset is a still valid ATO (Approved Training Organisations) permit, enabling the buyer to continue training future pilots. Other assets include two PS-28 Cruiser aircraft and a flight simulator. Adria’s bankruptcy had interrupted the training of around thirty future pilots. “Pipistrel already has a flying academy, but we would like to upgrade and integrate it with Adria's school. Adria's brand is synonymous for quality in education, so we would like it to remain in Slovenian hands”, the plane maker said. The Adria Airways Flight School registered a net loss of 339.000 euros in 2018.


  1. Anonymous15:37

    Mr Boscarol did what many were expecting. I hope in his success.

  2. Anonymous19:33

    How can you have a valid permit if you are bankrupt? Aren't suitable finances the first condition to have and to hold ATO permit?

  3. Anonymous09:48

    Anon 19:33 - Perhaps CAA freezes the license and certificate.. But according to EASA, once you can not provide financials, or the organization don't have a requested post-holders.. Level 1 finding with license revoke-al (temporary). Perhaps licenses are temporary suspended (no operations allowed) but certificate is still valid.


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