Ryanair hiring in Ljubljana


Europe's largest airline, Ryanair, will be hiring Slovenian cabin crew members for the first time this year. The carrier will host a recruitment day in Ljubljana on November 14. Requirements include good knowledge of English, both written and spoken, an EU passport and good computer skills. Selected candidates will take part in an intensive six-week training course which covers all aspects of the job from passenger safety to customer service. It should be noted that a fee is associated with the training process, although it can be deducted from the salary later. Successful applicants will receive "a highly competitive package" including a two-year contract, staff travel rates, a potential productivity bonus of 1.800 euros per year and a competitive basic salary plus variable flight pay. Registration for the Ljubljana recruitment process is due November 12. Further requirements and the registration form can be found here.


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Does it mean there is a chance that they set up a base in Ljubljana or are these recruitment days all the year in different cities, doesn't matter if there is a base or not?

  2. Anonymous15:58

    It is for Vienna base.

  3. Ryanair sucks big time ;)


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