Volotea to commence Mykonos - Dubrovnik service


Low cost carrier Volotea will introduce seasonal summer flights between the Greek island of Mykonos and Dubrovnik, marking the first time Croatia has been linked with a scheduled air service to any city in Greece other than Athens. Flights between the two leisure destinations will commence on May 30 and run twice per week, each Wednesday and Saturday. Additional details can be found here.

Furthermore, as previously reported, Volotea will be commencing seasonal operations from both Bari and Athens to Split.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    Huh? Mykonos is a tiny island while Dubrovnik isn't a large city. What is the market they are after? Maybe connections from AA's PHL service?

    1. Anonymous13:33

      Probably cruiser tourists who will be transferred from one port to another. This is just a guess

    2. Anonymous13:48

      Nice alternative to the overcrowded ATH

    3. Nice alternative ? Have you actually used Mykonos airport in the Summer ? I have quite often because I rent a holiday home in nearby Syros. Olympic don't fly from.Syros so sometimes I have to use Mykonos. Out of season it is ok though very basic but in Summer it is hell on earth. So if you enjoy standing in the departure lounge because there are no seats by all means choose Mykonos. I choose it because of the shorter journey and through baggage to Berlin but nobody in their right mind would choose Mykonos for the airport itself. Athens on the other hand is a good airport its just that getting there from Piraeus is a nightmare. The train improves the experience but it only goes every hour.

    4. Anonymous09:32

      Sta naprica.... Pa ne idem tamo zbog aerodroma

    5. I've taken Dubrovnik-Athens a few times in the summer, and every time it was packed to the last seat (which was reflected in ticket prices as well, unfortunately :( ). It was packed with predominantly young Australians, New Zealanders and some Americans who were travelling around Europe for the summer. They would all talk about going to Santorini and Mykonos while in Greece, so this connection will be a jackpot for Volotea!

  2. Anonymous09:16

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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