Banja Luka Airport maintains strong growth


Banja Luka Airport has continued to post strong results by handling 12.354 passengers in November, representing an increase of 49.3%. Over the elapsed eleven months, the airport welcomed 136.097 travellers, up 387.5% on the same period in 2019. Banja Luka’s strong growth is primarily on the back of Ryanair, which plans to introduce two new routes from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city in 2020, from Hahn on February 3 and Vienna on April 3. The latter will be operated by the budget carrier on behalf of its subsidiary Lauda. Since launching operations in late October of last year, up until this December, Ryanair carried 100.000 passengers to and from Banja Luka. It anticipates handling 160.000 passengers on its flights to the city in 2020. “We will continue our successful cooperation with Ryanair which enables our passengers connectivity with Europe and the world and brings us constant growth”, the General Manager of Banja Luka Airport, Milan Račić, said.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN8.838 634.7
FEB7.805 988.6
MAR9.962 770.8
APR12.460 589.9
MAY12.780 664.8
JUN14.190 518.6
JUL17.073 449.1
AUG14.976 354.5
SEP12.485 393.9
OCT13.174 602.2
NOV12.354 49.3


  1. FR is just for diaspora... If JU had two daily flights we'd at least gain some connectivity. Numbers have improved a lot, but we still book from BEG, ZAG or SJJ... Not everybody has an aunt in Hahn or Scavsta to visit with a briefcase and be picked up by cousin's car after midnight.

    1. Anonymous19:29

      LOL Good point. Finally someone understands connectivity.

    2. Anonymous08:37

      Not really...
      My engineer traveled Banjaluka via Brussel to Manchester, very nice - you don't need to cross the border.
      On the other hand, one my partner, still uninformed (thinking that flights are onla from Zagreb and Belgrade, and also costly) traveled with car to Berlin, and has slept in hotel at airport Berlin :).

      But I agree wit you that we need more flights to Belgrade (this must be also almost commuter line, one day businesses trip...)

    3. Anonymous09:01

      Thing is that JU can do it, to allow same day trips between BEG and BNX. Not only could they carry locals but those kind of flights would also offer connections.

    4. Anonymous16:52

      Also will be more people using airplane because fit their needs

  2. Anonymous18:59

    It is worth mentioning that BNX will receive additional Xmas frequencies to SXF and FMM!
    A clear indication that there is huge demand and hunger for those routes.
    VIE will also be successful when Lauda lands on Bosnian soil.

    1. Anonymous21:10

      How many extra flights will there be?

  3. Anonymous23:06

    All passengers as well as Diaspora use these flights from BNX. There are good connections from Brussel Charloir and Berlin and also from Vienna from March 2020

  4. Anonymous09:37

    BNX-BEG today 64 passengers!

    1. Anonymous12:09

      Going with car via Croatia these days is more than disaster...

    2. Anonymous12:18

      What happened?

  5. Anonymous13:01

    Is it possible for wizzair to fly from Banja Luka, to Stockholm Skavsta, Basel, Malmo, Gothenburg?


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