Eurowings downgrades Berlin - Sarajevo service


Eurowings has turned its planned year-round operations between Berlin and Sarajevo into seasonal summer flights. The low cost airline will operate its final service between the two cities on Friday, January 3, 2020, after which the route will resume on March 27. The airline commenced two weekly flights between the German and Bosnian capitals on June 3. Its predecessor Germanwings ran services between the two cities for less than a year from April 2014 until March 2015, after which it was cancelled. Eurowings will continue to maintain flights from Cologne and Stuttgart to Sarajevo throughout the year. Last month, another Lufthansa group airline, Swiss, announced it was discontinuing services to Sarajevo


  1. Anonymous10:53

    Eurowings is retracting from Berlin. They cancelled LHR, SCN, NUE in between flights to ZAG and SJJ were operated. In summer they will use spare capacity from A/C that ate flying from bases in STR/DUS or CGN instead of leaving them in TXL.

  2. Anonymous11:39

    No wonder SJJ rushed to find a deal with Fly Bosnia.

  3. Anonymous11:39

    Great news for JU though.

  4. Anonymous12:22

    Evo sanse da Fly Bosnia leti za najveci EU grad (nakon Brexita). Trenutno je po cim podacima cca. 11000 BiH drzavljana tamo, samo ne znamo sad odakle su i koji su im aerodromi najblizi. Tuzla ima SXF, Banja Luka ima SXF. Normalno, sa normalnim cijenama.

    1. Anonymous13:19

      Nakon Brexita to je Paris

    2. Anonymous13:37

      Pa da

    3. Anonymous14:08

      Brexit will not affect Fly Bosnia or any other airline in any way!

    4. Anonymous14:39

      nothing can affect Fly Bosna lol

    5. Anonymous14:41

      Actually when looking at the metropolis size, Paris is bigger than London. Not to mention that Paris has two main airports while London has 3, even 4.

    6. London has 6 airports

    7. Anonymous20:05

      Luton is 'London' not London.

    8. Anonymous08:50

      Just like Orly is 'Paris'


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