Niš Airport marks passenger milestone


Niš Constantine the Great Airport handled its 400.000th passenger of 2019 this Monday, marking the first time it has reached such a milestone in a single year. The traveller, who was flying with her mother, was handled on Air Serbia’s flight from Niš to Bologna. Niš Airport welcomed 380.137 passengers during the January - November period, representing an increase of 17.7%. The number of aircraft movements grew 33.4% to 3.494. Niš Airport has commenced technical procedures for the construction of a new 5.000-square-metre terminal building, which will be used for departures, while the existing facility will be utilised for arrivals.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN25.221 11.4
FEB23.651 13.5
MAR26.448 9.1
APR29.480 2.6
MAY31.026 3.7
JUN29.832 2.7
JUL35.646 11.9
AUG49.898 61.1
SEP44.376 47.7
OCT42.949 43.9
NOV41.610 58.8


  1. Anonymous14:51

    Nice, the JU base is really doing wonders for INI. Hopefully this encourages many to take the plane in stead of the bus.

    INI will have around 420.000 this year while I'm sure next year numbers will be between 520.000 and 550.000.

  2. Nemjee16:09

    The new terminal can't come soon enough. I heard the one they have now is absolutely horrible. If this trend continues then more room will be needed.

    1. Anonymous17:01

      As a Nislija, and someone who flew around 10 times from the airport, I can confirm this. Absolute disgrace,dirty and claustrophobic!

    2. Anonymous17:27

      Why? Didn't they refurbish it recently? How many aircraft can fit at once?

    3. Anonymous17:42

      They fixed some parts but not all. It's very tiny for the people it handles.

    4. @anon 17:27

      It's not about the aircraft, it's about the people. I've seen 2 aircraft there at the same time, but 180 x 2 = 360, and there is room for about... meh, 200 people and it's still going to be crowded...

    5. Anonymous18:07

      Oh wow, thanks for the info. In some photos it looks quite big for its size.
      Do you mean that it is currently over its limits and capacity? Maybe they can build a temporary hanger just like in BUD.

    6. Anonymous18:31

      Good news just keeps on coming in for Serbia.

    7. Anonymous22:01

      In BUD the "hangar" is only used as boarding gate. The check-in, the security, shops, tranzit area etc are all accommodated in the terminal.

    8. Anonymous13:08

      It's interesting that the winners of tickets are nearly always females. I remember a male in Rijeka but except for that case is always female.

    9. Anonymous13:18

      Looks prettier in pictures.


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