Norwegian to launch new Tivat service


Norwegian Air Shuttle will commence a new seasonal service between Stockholm and Tivat next year. The route will operate once per week, each Saturday, from April 1 until the end of the season in late October. Stockholm becomes the airline’s third destination from Tivat following Helsinki and Oslo. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous11:08

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  2. Anonymous11:41

    Why they don't launch flights from SKP or OHD, there is a lot of market in the Nordic countries, especially to OSL, CPH, ARN, MMX, GOT..

    1. Anonymous11:43

      My guess is that demand might be there but it's not big enough to fill a high density B738. Remember even EW gave up on SKP-MUC even with LH network to support their operations.

    2. Anonymous11:46

      I've flown multiple times from SKP to TRF, MMX and GOT and everytime the planes were full, actually A321 and A320.

    3. Anonymous11:49

      Well subsidies help fill a plane, that's for sure. ;) In TIV we don't pay airlines to fly, they come on their own.

    4. Anonymous12:00

      Well, you have sea and Montenegro in my opinion is more touristicly attractive.

    5. Anonymous12:02

      Not to mention that the sea in Montenegro is particularly beautiful as it's open, there mostly no Italy on the other end :)

    6. Anonymous12:12

      Demand from SKP or OHD to OSL, CPH, ARN, MMX and GOT is gastarbeiter traffic.
      They are interested in tourist traffic from Scandinavian travelers.

    7. Anonymous12:16

      haha the "high density" guy again. he forgets that Wizz is flying to 7 scandinavian destinations from SKP (Malmö and GOT even 5 weekly)

      the other anon: subsidies help fill a plane? lol. they only help to start a route
      beside that only Turku of the 7 nordic destinations is receiving subsidies.

      Norwegian is simply afraid to enter a duel with Wizz.

    8. Anonymous12:18

      anon 12.12: that is somewhat absurd. gastarbeiter traffic brings you traffic year round, tourist traffic is one weekly during summer as this route. idk

    9. Anonymous12:19

      Luckily PRN isn't afraid to attack SKP. After all PRN management said themselves that 50% of passengers are from Kosovo.

    10. Anonymous12:41

      Why are you polluting a MNE topic with SKP again? You are going off topic!


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