Rijeka Airport reaches passenger milestone


Rijeka Airport has registered its busiest year on record and handled its 200.000th passenger of 2019 last Thursday. The traveller arrived on a Croatia Airlines flight from Munich. The airport saw record figures each month this year, with growth trends set to continue in 2020 as Ryanair plans to launch services from Hahn and LOT Polish Airlines from Warsaw. “This significant passenger growth was achieved thanks in part to the activities, dedication and financial assistance provided by the management of Rijeka Airport in cooperation with the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Ministry for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Kvarner County Tourism Office, which supported the introduction of new routes in 2019”, the airport said in a statement. Rijeka Airport's average growth rate so far this year has ammounted to 7.8%.


  1. Anonymous13:49

    congrats Rijeka!

    and finally a boy receviving such an award :D Rijeka was always different ;)


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