Skopje registers strong November growth


Skopje Airport saw its passenger numbers grow 16.5% during the penultimate month of the year by handling 172.528 travellers. During the January - November period a total of 2.183.897 passengers passed through the airport’s door, up 9.4%. It added an extra 186.909 travellers so far this year and has surpassed its 2018 end-of-year result which amounted to 2.158.268 passengers. "Along with the double digit passenger growth achieved over the past eleven months, November has been another record month for Skopje. These strong figures were achieved as a result of new scheduled routes added in 2019. Unlike previous years, which saw traffic slow at the start of the winter schedule, this year we have experienced a different trend”, the General Manager of operator TAV Macedonia, Alper Ersoy, said.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN152.292 4.6
FEB137.676 5.9
MAR164.480 4.8
APR194.302 10.4
MAY195.452 11.2
JUN215.021 11.7
JUL241.836 1.7
AUG263.977 11.1
SEP233.081 11.9
OCT213.252 13.1
NOV172.528 16.5


  1. Ohrid during the January - November period a total of 296870 passengers.

  2. Anonymous14:39

    One thousand passengers Pristina has more then Skopje in 2019, so far. Again, very close.

  3. Anonymous14:40

    SKP <=> PRN tête-à-tête

  4. Anonymous15:14

    Bravo, Skopie! Proud of you!
    Greetings from Sofia

  5. nice growth for Skopje !! keep it up for the final month

  6. Anonymous16:01

    This feels good for SKP airport.
    I drove from Pristina to Skopje last weekend and is not that far, so hypothetically in the future if Macedonians and Albanians start thinking globally they can have one airport somewhere in the middle which might have potential for US bound flights...

    1. Anonymous16:13

      I have had this idea in my head for a long time. However, there is no middle ground (geographically). Skopje to the north has no chance for this (Skopska Crna Gora). To the south of Pristina Sar Planina also comes quick. You cannot really put it next to Kacanik. The only logical approach to this would be to commit to one of the airports and develop it and have reliable bus and train transfers to the terminal from the entire catchment area. Both the political and logistical perspective for this is out of question I guess right now.

    2. Anonymous17:03

      If it would have made any sense why not. But it doesn't

    3. Anonymous17:06

      Sure it doesn't yet putting an airport between SKP and TIA makes sense. Some people on here are delusional.

    4. Anonymous17:15

      It's not SKP and TIA it is SKP and PRN. Nobody said it was realistic. We are discussing what makes sense in a perfect world. Anything other than the same old lame jokes is a welcome addition to the discussion.

    5. Anonymous17:47

      With that logic, you can build one airport for Zagreb and Ljubljana, one airport for Pula and Trieste, one airport for Tivat and Dubrovnik....

    6. Anonymous19:43

      Exactly. Same way as Rotterdam uses Schiphol or Dusseldorf is the main airport in an area with at least 10 cities more important than ex-yu top 10. Or how Vienna works for Bratislava. Examples are endless

    7. Anonymous20:52

      Skopje and Pristina can not have one common airport, because they are not in the same country. Simple as that.

    8. Anonymous21:53

      It only not as simple as that in your head.

      Basel is shared by passengers from 3 countries:
      Switzerland, France and Germany

    9. Anonymous00:50

      Yeah because Basel can be compared to ex YU

    10. Anonymous01:31

      Zagreb-Ljublana, Skopje-Pristina these airports could rock!

  7. Anonymous09:15

    @ Anonymous12 December 2019 at 21:53

    Basel (nor Mulhouse) is not capital of any country, Pristina is capital of one country, Skopje is capital of another country.
    I don't want to mention other (very big) differences between relationships of Kosovo-N. Macedonia and France-Germany-Switzerland. And many other problems...

    There is a ZERO chance Pristina and Skopje to have a common airport.

    1. Anonymous12:35

      Bratislava is a capital of a country. Yet they realized that fighting Vienna will not bring them any good. They function perfectly as a low cost alternative though, while the Vienna hub brings so many options to both cities and the wider catchment area and both countries actually.
      Yeah there is ZERO chance for common airports here, because we are the masters of the model 'every village for itself', proudly reinforcing it since 1991. An airport in Kraljevo? The Bosnian model? Gimmie a break.

    2. Anonymous14:34

      you must have slept during the last year, Wizz and Ryanair (Lauda) expanding like crazy from VIE ... BTS is no low cost alternative anymore

    3. Anonymous16:07

      @Anonymous13 December 2019 at 12:35. Perhaps you should give us a break. Zero chance for a common airport for Pristina and Skopje. NMK is not building a 10 km motorway to Kosovo border, and you want a common airport. Be realistic.

  8. It has been a looong while last I last read something this ridiculous in here :)

    Good work Skopje! SKP and PRN complement each other in so many ways they don't even realize.

    If one didn't exist, the other would have to invent it themselves!

    1. Anonymous10:33

      sorry but the "complement each other" thought is even more ridicolous

    2. Go read a thing or two about advantages of market competition - it will maybe enlighten you a little bit.


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