SriLankan adds new Belgrade codeshare


SriLankan Airlines will add its flight numbers and designator code onto Qatar Airways’ service between Doha and Belgrade, giving passengers greater access to destinations in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Tickets to and from Belgrade are on sale through SriLankan's website with the codeshare starting December 23. SriLankan Airlines already codeshares on Etihad Airways’ service between Abu Dhabi and Belgrade.


  1. Anonymous14:19

    They should launch BEG flights.

    1. Anonymous18:52

      Yeah - daily to BEG and maybe a few per week to Uzice - at least!

    2. Anonymous19:07

      How about winter chaters BEG-CMB? Is there any demand?

    3. Anonymous21:04

      They can't operate into Uzhice since there is no adequate infrastructure to handle a widebody. Belgrade would be enough. There is obviously demand if they keep adding codes.

    4. Anonymous23:09

      They should codeshare with JU out of BEG.

    5. Anonymous23:25

      Виза not required for Serbs to enter Sri Lanka. More than s reason to try introducing winter charter flights. Ir YU-ARA can't do it it can be combined with Egipat e.g. BEG-SSH-CMB

    6. Anonymous13:11

      Potrebna je viza i vadi se unapred. Kosta 25 usd


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