Swiss to launch Dubrovnik service


Swiss International Air Lines will introduce new seasonal flights between Geneva and Dubrovnik in 2020. Services will commence on July 4 and run once per week, each Saturday, until August 29. It marks the carrier’s second Croatian destination from Geneva, following Pula. It will face direct competition from easyJet on the route. Last month, Swiss confirmed it would not resume its seasonal operations between Zurich and Zagreb. Further details for the new Geneva - Dubrovnik service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous11:09

    In addition, American Airlines is extending DBV until 24th of October

    1. Anonymous11:12

      That was reported a long time ago

      Congrats Dubrovnik either way.

  2. Next year Croatia will have 3 airports with over the 3 million passengers and Zadar joining the biggest 3 with over the 1 million passengers. Pula also will be there around the 1 million but it won't reach it.

  3. Anonymous13:03

    Congrats, DBV, another great year, and probably not the last announcement for S20!

    1. Polish Lot announced their flights from the Budapest to Dubrovnik as well as Laudamotion from Vienna to Dubrovnik ,w addition of Qatar Airways from Doha-Dubrovnik ,Swiss Geneva-Dubrovnik

  4. Zagreb 3,5 million pax
    Split 3,3 million pax
    Dubrovnik 2,9 million pax
    Zadar 800K pax
    Pula 750K pax
    Rijeka 300K pax

    11.5 million pax Croatia"s gonna have in 2019, it's slightly more but these are main figures

    1. Anonymous13:45

      What are the projections by 2025? There was a guy here posting them from time to time.
      What about BWK??

    2. By 2025 Croatia"s gonna have more than 17 million bearing in mind US visas will be lifted next year for Croatians & direct flights will be introduced afterwards. Ps by 2025 Croatia"s gonna be part of schengen zone as well the air flow will be drastically increasing.

    3. Anonymous17:54

      Didn't people claim how ZAG would have five million by now? Be careful with projections.

    4. Anonymous18:51

      BWK fell asleep again. Guess no more of that private money left to invest- at least in some subsidies. But it won't thrive until Croatia offers a ferry service from Bol to Hvar, that has an even higher tourism potential than Brač

    5. Anonymous19:10

      No, BWK is not asleep. You missed it:

      2021 looks like another perfect year for Hrvatska. Bravo!

  5. Anonymous09:49

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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