Air Serbia further boosts frequencies


Air Serbia will increase frequencies on flights from Belgrade to Tirana, Skopje, Bucharest and Prague this coming summer season. The carrier will maintain double daily services to the Albanian capital, up from nine weekly rotations in the summer of 2019, while operations to Skopje will run thirteen times per week. Services to the Romanian capital will operate nine times per week, up from eight weekly, while Prague will be maintained ten times per week, an increase from seven weekly rotations in the summer of 2019. As previously reported, the airline has also scheduled additional flights for its upcoming summer timetable to Barcelona, Larnaca, Ljubljana, Madrid and Zagreb.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    JU target 2020: 3 Mio. passengers
    BEG target 2020: 6.7 - 7.0 Mio. passengers

    1. Anonymous12:52

      Amazing! How many aircraft will they be getting. COnsidering they have been utilizing their fleet to the max as OU does, it would mean at least 5 aircraft will come to the fleet.

    2. Anonymous13:13

      For the beginning they will add 2 ATRs

    3. Anonymous17:15

      But one of them will leave.

      So at the end of the day they will have one more ATR and one more A319 comparing to today's fleet size

    4. Anonymous19:39

      Well JU fleet was underutilized at night and extra flights that are added today are all operating at that time.

    5. As far as I know, they will add 1 AT7 500, one A319 and one CRJ200 on wet lease

  2. Anonymous10:43

    Air Serbia's Balkan network is now quite impressive:

    1. LJU x17
    2. TIV x24
    3. TGD x21
    4. TIA x14
    5. ZAG X14
    6. ATH x14
    7. SKG x14
    8. SKP x13
    9. OTP x9
    10. SJJ x7
    11. DBV x7
    12. SOF x7
    13. SPU x6
    14. BNX x5
    15. PUY x3
    16. ZAD x3
    17. IST x3

    Wow! Quite a list.

    1. Anonymous10:44

      You forgot RJK

    2. Anonymous10:55

      My bad, so that's another 2 weekly flights right there. Total: 183

      On average that's 26 daily flights to the region!

    3. Anonymous11:00

      That's two per hour. I am sure they are going to increase TIV now that YM has done it.

    4. Anonymous11:02

      Prague is especially good for connections:

      1-3-56- 06.50-09.00
      12345-7 17.55-20.06

    5. Anonymous11:41

      Istanbul is going to be 7 weekly.

    6. Anonymous11:41

      Also LWO, BUD and KIV will also join the regional destinations.

    7. Anonymous12:53

      Is ZAD really 3 times? That would mean an increase?

    8. Anonymous12:55

      Given how well ZAD performed last year I wouldn't be surprised if it is increased. Since it was mostly local traffic they could add a third one at 20.20 with TGD, TIV and LJU/ZAG

    9. Anonymous14:40

      I wonder what future destinations within the Balkans are under consideration. I wonder whether OMO or TZL have been looked at or places such as Brac. Also, I'm aware that VAR didn't work out the first time round but I find it odd that secondary Romania and Bulgaria are missing but maybe the European network has to mature a little bit before that can be looked at.

    10. Anonymous15:17

      I think Romania has a lot of room for improvement. I know they are not in the Balkans but it seems they are expanding in Italy right now. They moved Rome from Sunday morning to Sunday evening this winter. Sunday morning had no connections, evening has a lot.
      Venice was boosted from 2 to 3 and this summer they are introducing FLR. They will have 20 weekly to Italy which isn't bad. Almost triple daily.

    11. Good points. I would give VAR another try, and CLJ in the near future. Maybe give OMO a try but I think loads on OU are low. MBX might work, but sure what kind of demad exists there, LJU is fairly close by.

      That would pretty well cover the Balkans fairly well.

    12. Anonymous19:07

      Interesting points regarding expansion in smaller places in Italy actually. I wonder what flows between Romania, Bulgaria and maybe Albania and Italy they can exploit to fill flights. There may even be other flows from Italy that I am unaware of that would help fill the flights. Maybe within 5 years we could see further cities such as Naples and maybe Turin opened. Only issue is that FR/W6 cover Italy quite well so maybe there are better yields to exploit elsewhere.

    13. Anonymous19:21

      JU bas the advantage of offering its passengers the flexibility they need. Not to mention that they offer morning and evening departures. Let's say someone from Venice can take JU to BEG at 21.00 and then to OTP thus enjoying the whole day there in stead of going to Treviso in the morning to catch a Wizz flight at 10.00 ( for example).

    14. Anonymous19:40

      I doubt most LCC flights from Bulgaria and Romania to Italy have that many frequencies. Probably most are between 2 and 5.

  3. Anonymous11:07

    Fantastic to see PRG back at ten.

  4. Anonymous11:09

    Still there is no information about new routes

    1. Anonymous11:11

      Last year new routes were scheduled on 23rd January. So just be patient.

  5. Anonymous11:16

    Congratulations to JU! Then we have OU which is thinking about potentially, maybe launching three weekly to TGD! Ugh...

    Regards from Croatia.

    1. Anonymous11:42


    2. Anonymous12:55

      and add YM's flights, since they code-share with JU

    3. Anonymous12:55

      Yes OU should follow our step and have Long Haul A7C in their fleet. I mean if we can fly NYC Croatia should certainly be able to do considering the potential.

      Regards from Serbia.

    4. Anonymous12:57

      @12.55 YM and JU do not codeshare on Tivat, Podgorica, Belgrade flights.

    5. Anonymous13:06

      Actually YM has its code on JU's flights but JU doesn't have on YM's. So in a way they do codeshare.

  6. Anonymous12:19

    How is JU doing compared to OS and TK in terms of Balkan coverage? I think by now they might be close to OS, no?

  7. Anonymous12:49

    Ovo je samo krajnja reakcija na bankrot Adrie. Bravo za AS,postaju ozbiljan igrac u regionu

    1. Anonymous12:51

      Не заборавимо да је Визер исто увео линију Беч-Тирана и тако уништио yield Остријану. То их је учинило много слабијим у Албанији а још сада ово. У сваком случају свака част за ЈУ.

    2. Anonymous13:10

      Impresivan rast za sada 27 nedeljnih letova vise u odnosu na predhodnu godinu. Jos kad objave nove rute...

    3. Anonymous13:20

      Стварно смо већ стигли до 27?! Опа... То је између 4 и 5 летова на дан.

    4. Anonymous13:33

      Barselona Bukurest Skoplje i Madrid +1
      Larnaka Tivat i Zagreb +2
      Prag i Rim +3
      Istambul +4(za sada)
      Ljubljana i Tirana +5
      Cirih -1
      Sve ukupno +28

  8. Anonymous12:49

    Adding night flights to TIA is great because if a morning flight to Europe is late they can rebook the passengers without delaying the 13.15 flight.

  9. Anonymous13:14

    It would be nice if you commented in English. Not everyone that visits this site is from the former Yugoslavia and not everyone understands Serbian. There are some of us who are interested in these topics but can't read half of the comments. If the site is in English it would be logical to comment in English.

    1. Anonymous13:21


      Where are you from fellow visitor?

    2. Anonymous13:22

    3. Anonymous13:25

      He is right. Site is in English, comment in English. If you don't know the most universal language on the planet (yet you understood to read the articles) use Google translate.

    4. For those like me that don't speak Serbian, just right click and select translate if you want to read the comment. :)

      When I visited Yugoslavia in the 1970s I complained how no one spoke to me in English, and was called "Okupatore"

    5. Anonymous17:14

      Herzlich willkommen :-)

    6. Anonymous17:23

      Anon 13:14 +1
      I am sure many on here have the same request

  10. Anonymous13:20

    I wonder how will Skoplje perform as so far their results were not so good. Will JU manage to overtake OU?

    1. Anonymous13:54

      not even close if they keep on the atr's on this route they are losing ground in the last 3 years

      OS 120.025, JP 55.754, OU 52.362, JU 46.038

      OS 120.292 , OU 70.240, JP 44.890, JU 40.909

      2019 (jan-aug):
      OS 89.650, OU 48.249, JP 37.041‬, JU 27.759‬
      comparison to 2018 (jan-aug):
      OS 79.900, OU 47.954, JP 31.421, JU 28.225‬

    2. Anonymous14:28

      Anon 13:54.

      Is this offering (capacity) or actual pax?

    3. Anonymous14:38

      @anon 14.28 these are passengers numbers. I dont have the seat capacity numbers to compare

    4. Anonymous14:40

      OU sends like double the capacity yet it doesn't have double the passengers. Hm.

    5. Anonymous15:21

      maybe only in summer but they send a mix of dash8 and A319 and the DAsh is not really that much bigger then the ATr (in winter they have even less frequencies then JU)

      2019 Q2: OU 20,161, JU 9,944

      anyway you should not be fixed on somebody else's numbers but look at your own's. while TK, OS and OU are gaining pax there (despite Wizz's fortress there) JU's nrs have been on the falling side and they have like milion codeshares on this route. The demise of JP will help them improve to some extent thats for sure

    6. I still can't understand how come they don't increase Sarajevo to double daily, as flying with Air Serbia vs Croatian or Austrian is much more difficult in terms of timing. With double daily they would be able to be more competitive on the market.

    7. Anonymous16:20

      SJJ closes at night so JU can't launch it during the midnight wave. Arrival into SJJ would be at 01.20.

    8. Too bad for both pax at SJJ and for JU.

    9. Anonymous17:20

      JU is bringing back this year a SJJ departure at 07.00 that will connect to JFK both ways. Last year it was super popular. Who knows, maybe we get more of those flights in the future. DBV is also getting a morning departure this summer.

    10. Anonymous17:22

      But cant they fly to SJJ once in the morning and once in the evening (to depart back to BEG in time before the curfew)?

    11. Anonymous18:34

      Theoretically they could have a flight at 20.20 but unfortunately there are not enough locals to fill the seats and I doubt there is much demand from flights that arrive at 16-17.

    12. Anonymous20:07

      Well there should be enough P2P alone between BEG and Srpska using SJJ - if reasonably priced, for some minimum 130 seats per day and direction. Just look at all the countless busses!

    13. Anonymous20:25

      Main issue are the taxes at SJJ, the airport is too expensive in order to compete with bus companies. BNX is a different story since some taxes were removed so JU can charge €50 and flights are generally full. If SJJ did the same then JU could easily operate triple daily flights.

      Also don't forget that many buses sell tickets in between. For example on a route from Belgrade to Sarajevo a bus might carry passengers that travel to Sabac, Loznica...

  11. Anonymous17:19

    TIV jedino ima smisla da im je kompletan red letenja vozen sa A319/20(ima potrebe za A319/20, a time bi i pokopali MGX). AT7 je, u ljetnoj sezoni, potpuno promasen tip a/c,osim da rade layover, je vec neka druga prica,i ne tice se samo ASL/JU.

    1. Anonymous18:35

      Noon flight to TIV is on the A320. Podgorica has two, 06.55 and 13.45.

    2. They have only two A320s and those two are badly needed on CDG and AMS routes (morning/evening).

    3. Anonymous19:23

      CDG has been mostly A319 since AF returned to Belgrade

  12. Balkan coverage is great, but they need to upgrade the ATR fleet for landing in fog. These days they are canceling flights left and right, all operated by ATR, all because of fog. I have no idea whether I will be able to fly from Ljubljana to Belgrade tomorrow evening. They are sending A320 tonight to LJU to pick up the rebooked passengers.

    I find it difficult to understand why ATR is so limited in these conditions. When leasing a plane, one has to make sure it has all the necessary equipment. I am starting to have my doubts. It is like, I don't need a big car around town >> I will use the one without bumpers and airbags. Belgrade has issues with fog, the same as Sarajevo. Fog is not a surprise; it is a frequent occurrence.

    1. Anonymous19:25

      A frequent occurrence for about a week a year. The other 358 days the weather is ok.

  13. JATBEGMEL06:28

    ATR wasnt the only type not to land in BEG yesterday. The JU ATR's if not cancelled (SKP, SJJ) were diverted to INI. OS Dash 8 tried to approach BEG but returned to VIE, same as LX A220 which diverted to VIE, LH CR9 from MUC descended for BEG only to return to MUC. LO ERJ was cancelled. FZ B738 diverted to TSR, DY B738 after attempting to land in BEG diverted to DBV, tried again to land in BEG before again diverting but to BUD.

    A320 type didnt have any problem, QR293 for SJJ even diverted to BEG. From the JU B733's only YU-ANK jumped in late in the evening for a MXP rotation (looks more like not enough crew in JU).

    Judging by the above, what should JU upgrade to?

    1. Anonymous07:38

      Yesterday's AZ flight from Rome (A320) was also cancelled because of fog. The other day visibility was barely 270 meters while minimum for Atr is 300. This morning it's pretty bad as well.

  14. They need to replace those old boings 737, aviolet, and buy some new airbus a319.


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