Belgrade Airport readies for transformation after record year

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport registered its busiest year on record in 2019 by handling 6.159.000 passengers through its doors, an improvement of 9.2%. The airport added almost 518.000 travellers during the year and saw off 70.365 commercial aircraft movements, up 4.3%. Notable passenger growth was recorded during the fourth quarter, with numbers increasing 15.6%. In a statement, airport operator VINCI said, “Belgrade is becoming one of the region’s most dynamic airports, with passenger traffic up 9.2% in 2019. This good performance reflects, among other things, the opening of thirteen new international routes. In 2020, Air Serbia will continue to diversify its network, either alone or as part of codeshare agreements”. Belgrade Airport is expected to have ranked among the top ninety busiest on the continent in 2019.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN347.544 4.1
FEB315.717 6.1
MAR372.122 1.6
APR467.469 4.4
MAY507.633 5.9
JUN602.466 11.7
JUL734.898 9.4
AUG757.062 9.8
SEP647.005 11.9
OCT562.996 13.5
NOV424.656 14.6
DEC419.432 12.3

VINCI noted that Belgrade Airport will undergo a major infrastructure overhaul through extension and renovation in 2020, which will in turn transform it into “the future airport hub of Eastern Europe”. The airport’s Detailed Regulation Plan is currently on display at the Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction of the City of Belgrade until February 10, along with a report on the project’s environmental impact. The plan foresees the expansion and reconstruction of the integrated terminal buildings as well as the overhaul of the existing control tower and its repurposing once construction of the new control tower is completed. The plan also involves the development of a new 3.500 metre inserted runway, which will be built parallel to the existing runway and used during the latter’s reconstruction. Once the overhaul of the existing runway is completed the inserted version will be used as a taxiway, as well as for take offs and landings when required.

Belgrade Airport Detailed Regulation Plan

Under VINCI’s plan, the existing apron will be expanded, and a new 55.000 square metre apron will be built. The deicing platform will be expanded by another 6.200 square metres. Landside, a new car park, with a capacity for 2.400 vehicles, will be built and new curbside/sidewalk infrastructure and facilities for departures/arrivals handling will be developed. Other projects include road work around the airport, encompassing some 3.500 metres, a new rainwater drainage system, marking and static signage, lighting, a new heliport and CCTV camera systems. Furthermore, construction of auxiliary building facilities and other infrastructure works such as waste water and solid waste treatment plants, a heating plant, a meteorological station and a solar panel plant, among others, will be built


  1. Anonymous09:02

    Impressive result. Congratulations.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    6.9-7 million in 2020.

  3. Anonymous09:06

    Congratulations to Belgrade. Big growth supported by a solid mix of low cost and legacy carriers. Let's see what 2020 brings.

    1. Anonymous09:18

      I would love to see Laudamotion launch VIE-BEG and end the duopoly and high prices offered by Austrian and Air Serbia.

    2. Anonymous09:24

      That would be bad news for JU and OS.

    3. Aleksandar09:36

      The suns rises after a full night of darkness: "bad news for Air Serbia"

    4. Anonymous11:58


    5. It could be either Laudamotion or Wizz. Hope it materialise soon.

    6. Anonymous09:49

      I might be wrong but BEG is the biggest Balkan city not to have an LCC link with Vienna. I am sure it's on their radar. That could also be a reason why OS increased BEG now. They are adding morning flights which perfectly connect from their long-haul network. They are consolidating their position in case on an LCC attack.

  4. Anonymous09:06

    Bravo VINCI!

  5. Anonymous09:07

    Interesting development plan. Looking at the blueprint it seems the C concourse will extend to the current airside area, meaning the apron will be on the current airside area.

  6. Anonymous09:09

    Great performance. Still needs aver 900.000 extra passengers to catch up to Sofia airport.

    1. Anonymous09:22

      Unless two LCCs open bases in BEG and start competing aggressively with eachother we won't be reaching SOF numbers.

      Just my2cents

    2. Anonymous10:05

      Let's put things in a different perspective:

      SOF 6,962,040
      BEG 5,641,105

      Difference: 1.320.935

      SOF 7,107,096
      BEG 6.159.000

      Difference: 948.096

      In 2020 JU is planning on adding more flights while foreigners are also going to boost their presence meaning that we are in for another record breaking year. I am sure in 2020 both airports will be neck and neck.

    3. Anonymous10:25

      Anon @10:05 you really think that Beg not only add 950.000 extra passengers in order to catch up to SOF 2019 results but also whatever increase they might have in 2020?
      So that is at least a 15% pax growth?

    4. Anonymous10:39

      BEG had 15% growth in Q4 so it wouldn't be unheard of especially with an even better charter season in 2020 and with JU not only adding more destinations but also boosting existing ones. Their regional network will be respectable for the first time ever.

    5. Anonymous10:58

      For BEG to have a 15% growth JU would need more A320s and also the foreign carriers would need to also greatly increase frequencies and destinations.
      So no, a 15% increese in passengers won't be happening this year.

    6. Anonymous11:08

      My biggest wish for 2020 is that legacy BEG overtakes this low cost heaven <3

    7. Anonymous11:11

      And why wouldn't it? It happened in Q4 2019 and the situation will be more or less the same in Q1 and Q2 of 2020. Have you realized JU is adding another 10 destinations and is boosting existing ones. On top of that OS is going from 20 to 23 weekly, LO from 11 to 12, EW returning with 3 weekly, LO coming with 7 from BUD... and so on and on.

    8. Anonymous13:50

      Those additions are nowhere near enough for a 10% growth, let alone a 15%.

    9. Anonymous14:06

      Then explain Q4 of 2019 since there were less flights than what we will have in 2020.

    10. Anonymous15:00

      Anon at 14:06 explain what exactly?
      How summer of 2020 will have more passengers than Q4 2018 which you used as a comparison for Q4 2019?
      The airport's performance for 2020 will be compared with 2019, not 2018. And it wont have a 15% passenger growth compared with 2019 unless many, many more flights are announced.

    11. Anonymous16:20

      You do realize that JU is about to announce 10, yes TEN, new destinations and will boost several older ones plus there is going to be IST which wasn't there last year. On top of that foreign carriers will have more than 20 extra flights compared to last year. As if all that wasn't enough charter traffic is about to grow by some 15%.

      And I wasn't comparing 2020 to 2018 but to 2019.

    12. Anonymous16:25

      The added services are nowhere near enough to increase passenger numbers by 15%
      A lot more is needed.

    13. Anonymous17:01

      Hahaha of course it is, keep dreaming Anon 16.25. You were saying the same thing last year or how BEG will not reach six million yet here we are.

    14. Anonymous18:47

      Oh, you remember that? Well I thought I could hide behind Anonymous, but you got me.
      (sarcasm off)

    15. Anonymous18:50

      10 new destinations on average 3.5 weekly for 8 months between start of April until end of December means some 1.470 return flights. Assuming 105 seats each way (average of ATR and A319) at 80% LF means some 247.000 pax.

    16. Anonymous19:19

      Yes and you are forgetting that JU launched ten destinations in H2 2019 meaning they will be contributing to growth in H1 this year. So that's some 240.000 right there and we are at around 500.000. Then we have 15% growth in charter traffic and foreign carriers and voila. 15% growth.

    17. Anonymous19:31

      That would be great be I think you are being too optimistic.

    18. Anonymous19:55

      People were also sceptical Belgrade would reach 6.1 but we made it.

    19. Anonymous02:00

      15% will be reached by adding extra flight to FKB :D

    20. Anonymous08:10

      Actually not just FKB, they are also increasing BSL from 2 to 3 weekly. I guess they want to put pressure on easyJet.

  7. Anonymous09:11

    Too many Wizz Air in the pic.

    1. Anonymous09:19

      It could be an image of the future with W6 greatly expanding from BEG.

    2. Anonymous10:07

      Doubt it. Wizz Air is reducing NYO from 3 to 2 weekly and they are not bringing back LYS. On the other hand they are boosting BSL from 2 to 3 weekly and FKB from 2 to 3 weekly. So one less frequency compared to last year. Another change is that three weekly DTM flights will be used to operate something else while 2 return right away to BEG.

      To me it seems that Wizz Air is kind of stuck in BEG. Also due to gate restrictions in the morning three DTM flights had to be moved from 06.10 to 07.25.

    3. Anonymous10:22

      Anon at 10:07 you read the future?
      you know what will happen years from now?
      You must have become really rich with such abilities!

    4. Anonymous10:40

      I actually am very rich but I don't see how that's related since I stated facts up there. You are more than welcome to post some yourself.

    5. Anonymous11:04

      You are probably in the wrong discussion.
      We are not talking what the situation is today.
      We are talking what the situation would be when the airport expansion is completed.
      And here is another fact for you:
      W6 has over 200 A320NEOs on order.

    6. Anonymous11:13

      So what if W6 has 200 A320neo on order? What has that got to do with BEG and its growth? You are going completely off topic because you can't digest the fact Wizz Air is simply not successful in Belgrade, they have failed here. That's a fact even with all those planes they have on order. Simply some markets have rejected them like Prague did.

    7. Anonymous12:10

      It's impressive Belgrade's double digit growth is not fuelled by LCCs.

    8. Dejan13:53

      Anonymous 11:13 seems terrified by Wizz and LCCs in general.
      He thinks that by writing in a blog that they failed and that they won't expand will somehow make it real!

    9. Anonymous14:09

      well I am just stating facts, summer season is already finalized and there is a reduction. So what gives.

    10. Anonymous14:42

      Again you are replying to the wrong discussion?
      We are not talking what the situation is at present.
      We are talking about what the situation would be when the airport expansion is completed.
      You know, when the Vinci render in today's story that surprised you so much becomes operational.

    11. Anonymous16:21

      So now you claim Wizz is not expanding because there is no room? Then how come others are doing it? Silly comment.

    12. Anonymous17:04

      You are getting desperate now, right?
      I can't not help you with that, you need to talk to a therapist.
      Tell him about all your fears about LCC's!!!

      Get well soon!

    13. Anonymous17:09

      I have no fears. All I said is that summer 2020 timetable has been finalized and Wizz Air has actually reduced BEG in stead of growing. Those are simple facts, no hate or anything. Also I didn't speak of LCCs in general but rather of just one which has not been growing in a while.

    14. Anonymous17:15

      This year there will be little or no growth from foreign airlines, which is sad but Vinci does nothing to attract any .

    15. Anonymous17:18

      Anon 17.15 is right, Vinci needs to be more proactive because what we have now is really not enough. Don't forget that KK is also not coming back to Belgrade, their loads were really bad. Too much competition.

    16. Anonymous17:28

      FYI KK is bankrupt and there non presence in Belgrade has nothing to do with loads. They have suspended all operations until at least 9th of February

      Even if they were to return as the most profitable airline tomorrow they would be unable to fly to Belgrade because under the bilateral air agreement it can either be them flying or Air Serbia, and Air Serbia is now flying this route.

    17. Anonymous18:43

      Anon @17:09
      True dat.

  8. Anonymous09:19

    Very strong Q4.

  9. Anonymous09:23

    Will the new runways be numbered 12R/L - 30R/L or the inserted runway will just borrow its name from the existing one?

  10. Anonymous09:23

    How much horizontal separation is needed for both runways to function simultaneously?

    1. Anonymous12:38

      From memory, the standard in 600 meters.

  11. Anonymous09:28

    Congratulations Belgrade! First time ever over 6 million! Belgrade airport added more passengers in 2019 than any other ex yu airport. It grew the gap between next ex yu competitor, ZAG, to over 2,7 million passengers a year. Most impressive is how the difference increased 2009-2019:


    Congrats BEG and let's go after 7 million this year!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Why not construct a second runway that can actually be used in parallel with the existing one?
    Why go to all the trouble of building but not separating enough from the current one?
    It seems like a massive waste of money.

    1. Anonymous09:44

      There is no space to build a second runway.

    2. LOL, of course there is.
      You move some small buildings and roads and you build it.
      Just like every other airport in the world.

    3. Anonymous11:59

      To bi bilo priznavanje teske gluposti jer se naselje Radio Far priblizilo aerodromu dok je predsednik AV upravljao sa sportskom halom u Zemunu a Seki sa Zemunom. Imacemo aerodrom kao Getvik. Ni to nije lose.

    4. Anonymous12:45

      This way you get a new runway and a taxiway for the price of a runway.

      Looking at this plan, I'm just wondering on what is VINCI going to spend the 700 million they pledged to invest in the airport on?

    5. Anonymous13:07

      They mentioned waste processing plant and a new terminal. Those things cost.

    6. Anonymous18:03

      New terminal or expansion of existing?

    7. Anonymous18:09

      One of the concession requirements was to build a brand new terminal.

    8. Is it stated by when does it has to be built and size?

    9. Anonymous19:21

      I might be wrong but they have to do it either by 2025 or 2027.

  14. Anonymous09:44

    Congrats BEG on the growth. 2020 will definitely be the strongest year ever.

  15. Anonymous09:45

    Nice. I hope we some some more new airlines add flights.

  16. Sto se duze ceka, vreme sve duze traje. Ova prestupna godina ce pomoci razvoju. Duza je za jedan dan. Uvecanje terminala, objekata i broja putnika ce to i potvrditi.
    Hvala VINCI - TERNA za vas pocetak. Pocetak koji ce biti vidljiv putnicima i posetiocima buduceg Beogradskog aerodromskog haba. Veoma verujem da ce Aerodrom Nikola Tesla postati uzor Aerodromima Jugoistocne Evrope. Zaista verujem. VINCI ce potvrditi, nadajmo se.
    Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast Association.

  17. Anonymous10:09

    Interesting how they want to repurpose the current ATC tower. Hopefully they turn it into an observation deck with a restaurant. That would be superb.

    Congrats to BEG and especially to JU which is the main driving force behind this growth.

    1. Postovani Anon 10:09 AM.
      Zaista Vam je dobro zapazanje. Za razliku od mene. Verujem i mnogih na ovom blogu. Ako bi se u preuredjnju starog ATC dodao restoran sa platformom za posmatranje, kao sto i sami kazete bilo bi izvanredno. Jos kada bi se dodale staklene vitrine sa memorabiliom od nas koji smo penzionisani, i onih koji rade u avio kompanijama i aerodromima po svetu i Srbiji...
      Licno imam par stotina ITM - artikala licne memorabilije. Koju bih rado poklonio Aerodromu Nikola Tesla, za stalnu postavku. Ako bih se jos neko prikljucio mojem predlogu, a ljudima koji odlucuju o sadrzini aerodroma ovo prihvate, bilo bi verujem vrhunski. Nigde nisam video u svetu ni na jednom aerodromu poklonjene memorabilije personala izlozene. Kao sto rekoh od prvog Beckog pre pedeset godina, do za sada zadnjeg sto sedamdeset sedmog aerodroma Morava Kraljevo, prije cetiri nedelje.
      Ako je ovo prihvatljivo... Stojim spreman.
      Postoje po svetu memorabilije koje su stalno izlozene, ali od strane avio kompanija. Meni najbliza postavka je Qantas Memorabilija na Qantas-ovom domacem Terminalu Tri. Na KSA, Sydney.
      Beogradski aerodrom bi po mojem saznanju bio prvi u svetu sa postavkom koju sam naznacio.
      Do marta sam u Srbiji. Ako bi moja iskrena ponuda bila prihvatljiva za Beogradski projekat, obradovacu se. Ukoliko budem kontaktiran. Vama postovani Anon
      mnogo pozdrava i nade za razvoj Beogradskog Hub-a.
      Moj kontakt, mail:
      Rodney Marikovic AME

    2. Anonymous18:02

      Druže Marinkoviću, ta Vaša idea da negde na BEG-u izložite artikala lične memorabilije je absolutno fantastična. Mogli bi i drugi ljudi koje imaju slično. Bilo bi jako lepo da se to jednog dana ostvari. Možda kad se sve ove renovacije završe. I da se nađe jedno prominentno mesto.

    3. Hvala Vam na brzom odgovoru gospodine Anon 18;02
      Veoma mi je drago da Vam se dopala ideja stalne postavke memorabilije iz oblasti komercijalnog vazduhoplovstva. Pogotovo na potpuno preuredjen i dogradjen Aerodrom Nikola Tesla. Ja bih ipak zeleo da dobijem kontakt osobe uprave aerodroma. Sa kojom bi se dogovorio. Obzirom da sam celu licnu memorabiliju doneo u Srbiju. Ako bi prihvatili formiranje aerodromske memorabilije, onda bih izvrsili katalogizaciju mojeg poklona. Meni daju kopiju
      poklonjenog upisanog u katalogu. Ja bih ostao srecan. Aerodrom nadam se zadovoljan. Naravno pod uslovom da je Aerodromu moja namera prihvarljiva. U slucaju da ne zele, moju memorabiliju
      vracam za Sydney, i poklanjam upravi Western Sydney Airport u izgradnji. Obzirom da su Beogradski i Kraljevacki u Srbiji i Kingsford Smith i WSA na Badzeri Kriku u Sidneju moja kruna. U odnosu na ostalih sto sedamdeset tri sa kojih sam leteo. Iz toga izvire zelja i ljubav prema civinom vazduhoplovstvu.
      Osamdeset cetvrti let zapocinjem u martu. Do tada
      verujem pocece da se vide radovi na Beogradskom aerodromu. O kojem sam ovde najvise pisao.
      Pozdrav iz Kraljeva.
      Radovan. 😀🇷🇸🌐✈

  18. Anonymous10:12

    Performance in 2019:

    SOF 7,107,096
    SKG 6.897.057
    BEG 6.159.000

    2020 will be extremely interesting to follow especially with BEG most likely having double digit growth once again.

    1. Anonymous11:14

      Only one of those is EX YU aviation airport. Compare it to any other EX YU airport.

    2. I don't understand how many people here in this blog live in their own world! They really believe that BEG will have 15 %growth in 2020 and SOF with SKG 0%or below zero and finally BEG will overtake them....... Okay.....

    3. Anonymous12:09

      You know they can have even below zero growth. Nothing new in aviation. Like LJU.

    4. Anonymous12:12

      Bel Cielo and why are you so confident Belgrade can't keep on booming this year? Sofia didn't have a spectacular 2019 so it's safe to assume it will be more of the same unless something major changes there.

    5. Anonymous12:43

      Hilarious how anything and everything is possible for foreign airports but when it's BEG that's in question then we can only rely on doom and gloom scenarios. It's getting old and sad especially when we have such topics.

    6. Anonymous13:05

      SOF has only one new route planned for next year. If there is growth it would be because of increased frequencies on existing routes plus charter traffic.
      SKG on the other hand is getting 17 new routes plus increases in capacity on existing routes.
      It really would be a very interesting year to watch.

    7. Anonymous13:07

      What new route is SOF getting? I agree SKG will boom but let's see what Aegean does because they already failed once there.

    8. Anonymous13:17

      When did Aegean "failed" in SKG?
      They kicked FR's ass from domestic flights and now they have a virtual monopoly.

    9. Anonymous13:20

      Some five or six years ago, they had an extensive network from there. Then they cut almost everything and here we are today.

    10. Anonymous13:23

      @Anon 13:27
      Lot is starting BUD.

    11. Anonymous13:27

      Anon 18 January 2020 at 13:20
      Ehhhm, no.
      If anything they now fly more pax from SKG than 5 years ago.
      If you would bother to check the airport's destination list you would see it for your self.

    12. Anonymous13:57

      SOF will have Budapest with Lot and in the same time Wizz is adding 2 additional weekly flights.
      SOF will have also Saint Peters burg with Wizz - 2 weekly.
      Wizz is returning to Naples, Catania and Basel as well.
      Also Croatia Airlines is planning SOF service.
      All this is in case that there are no other routes planned, but let us not forget that FR haven't yet announced new routes.

    13. Jelena Karleusa for President13:59

      Which other European airports having annual traffic of over 3 million passengers is going to grow by 15% in 2020?
      We are talking about 150 airports, so can you tell us which ones will have such a great increase in traffic that you seem to take for granted for BEG?

    14. Anonymous14:12

      Anonymous at 12:20
      I just checked the destinations. In the summer of 2015 Aegean was flying to 23 destinations from SKG with half of those being charter flights.
      This summer Aegean will be flying to 31 destinations from SKG with all of them being scheduled flights!

    15. And how is it that you know BEG will grow 15% in 2020?
      Realistically 10% would be great.

    16. Anonymous18:10

      Because I work for BEG and we get advance bookings (approximation) from airlines that fly here.

    17. Anonymous18:38

      The added flights are nowhere near enough to increase passenger numbers by 15%
      A lot more is needed. Even with AS new routes planned for summer season.

    18. Anonymous19:03

      LO is increasing SOF from WAW by 5 frequences weekly (up to 19). Also ZAG is increased by 3 weekly frequences (up to 14) and upgraded to E195 all flights. BEG deserves more than one weekly frequency up.

    19. Anonymous19:23

      Anon 18.38 and there will be more, on top of JU new destinations there are going to be different increases (MAD, BCN, LCA, ATH, SKG, LJU...) plus between 20 and 30 fequencies on foreign carriers. Also don't forget that there will be more flights to IST than last year. ;)

    20. Anonymous19:23

      I like the way you say 'deserves.'

    21. Anonymous19:56

      I like it too, sounds nice.

  19. Anonymous11:15

    So far 2020 looks very good, but it seems that ASL and Mahan Air are not coming back and no LYS any more. I hope more foreign airlines start BEG service this year.

    1. Anonymous11:22

      As yoy already know, they are. But there is no way to deny that Air Serbia is the main growth generator.

    2. Anonymous15:37

      I agree, but I just say that would be great to see Volotea in BEG for example.

    3. I think twice weekly to LYS could work for Air Serbia. A least seasonal at first. After all JAT did fly there many moons ago. Can't remember if it was from ZAG or BEG.

    4. It was both. BEG-ZAG-LYS, Monday and Friday, DC-9

  20. Anonymous11:28

    Bice ovo jos jedna zanimljiva godina na Tesli ali i poprilicna guzva u Q3. Rast od 10-ak % bio bi skroz ok.

    1. Anonymous13:02

      Надам се да ће барем мало проширти аеродром до лета, или барем до јула и августа. Прошле године ситуација је било страшна а ове године ће бити још више путника!

  21. Anonymous12:44

    And then people said BEG can't achieve double digit growth.

    1. Anonymous14:29

      BEG's growth for 2019 was "only" 9.2%.

    2. Anonymous14:38

      Because of the slower H1, in H2 it was double digit growth.

    3. Anonymous15:09

      So you admit that in 2019 BEG's growth was 9.2%. That wasn't so difficult now, was it?

    4. Anonymous16:23

      Well the initial comment didn't specify which period he was referring to so his statement is quite correct, BEG did achieve double digit growth especially in H2. I guess you have a problem with BEG's booming numbers though.

    5. Anonymous17:52

      It did achieve double digit growth, but not on a year to year basis.

    6. Anonymous01:00

      Growth expressed in percentages is deceptive. Belgrade airport added 519 thousand passengers compared to 2018, when it added less than 300 thousand compared to 2017. Many critics didn't expect Belgrade could gain 400 thousand less alone 500 and more. If Air Serbia adds those new destinations, increases frequency of regional routes, continues healthy charter growth together with what other airlines already announced, Belgrade will add at least another 500 thousand passengers in 2020. No other ex yu airport can add more.

    7. Everything you wrote is true. The only question is if Air Serbia can finance all of that. Will their expansion end when the GofS stops subsidizing them? Can they become truly financially independent and even make a profit, maybe even a healthy non-subsidized profit. That is the true test for longevity. Subsidies will eventually end.

    8. Anonymous02:56

      They have to become independent of subsidies. Unless they look at what Montenegro Airlines, Croatia Airlines or Alitalia are doing.

    9. As you said they have to become independent of subsidies and profitable.

      Although it will to be problematic when in your neighbourhood your competitors continue receiving subsidies even when Air Serbia eventually stops receiving subsidies.

    10. Anonymous08:16

      Why would subsidies end? No government would do that as they know it would be political suicide. Even after SNS leaves new guys will keep business as usual, JU is an important factor for the local economy.
      Also, what the government is doing is that they are investing in their business. Out of all government businesses that get subsidies, only JU seems to be on the right track. In about five years, if they keep on growing like this, they could build a passenger mass that will enable them to become profitable. It's basically same thing LO did a few years ago. I mean JU has not even handled 3 million passengers. Numbers are still too low, not sustainable. Only once they come close to 4 million will things improve.Their finances are already improving since subsidies from the budget are being reduced each year. I am not including New York, Kraljevo or Nish since those are things JU would not have gone for if it was up to them. That said, losses on JFK were halved in 2019 compared to 2018 so that's something.

    11. Eventually any government of Serbia will be forced to end subsidies, because of pressure from EU, their own financial ability, and presure from the general public (taxpayers). Airlines tend to be pet projects of governments because of the prestige factor, many jobs associated with the airline, and no one wants to be the one to end it if the time comes.

      What I am saying is while it is 'allowed' the GofS can subsidize Air Serbia in various ways, but AS must achieve some form of financial independence soon, let's say within the next 3-5 years.
      Hopefully by then they will have a very well established regional, Euro-Mediterranean, and even some locations in central Asia. As well as ORD, YYZ, and 1-3 Asian destinations.

      BEG is already a regional Balkan hub, and as Air Serbia grows so does BEG as a hub. They both seem to be on the right track.

    12. Anonymous17:22

      There is no pressure on the government to end subsidies, not just for JU but for any loss-making business out there. People generally don't know where public money is spent, that's a fact. Most people simply don't care.
      As for the EU, well as time goes by they will have less and less influence over Serbia. This has been a trend for a few years now especially since Serbia has been deepening ties with countries such as Russia or China.

      JU is already on the right track. They finally found a product that works for them, they are growing and their losses are going down.

  22. Anonymous12:45

    when will we have exact dates for starting of any of those projects

    1. Anonymous12:52

      They already started near C gates.

    2. Anonymous13:25

      Near C gates they built only offices for builders

    3. Last anon, you are mistaken, the buildings for the workers were done 3 months ago, the C concourse will be finished in 2 months, they already are well deep in the drilling.

    4. Anonymous16:24

      Hopefully they will have bus gates ready for next summer so that JU regional jets and Wizz Air can be moved to remote stands at all times.

    5. Anonymous17:50

      Which regional jets are you refering to?

    6. Anonymous17:55

      ATRs and the CRJ-900.

    7. Anonymous18:34

      True for CRJ-900, but is ATR considered a jet?

    8. Anonymous19:24

      He probably made a mistake but what he meant is that they will no longer have to park them at regulal gate like they did last summer due to lack of space.

    9. Anonymous20:12

      OK, thanks man.

    10. Anonymous21:28

      No worries.

  23. Anonymous12:56

    Strange that Dec didn't beat November in terms of pax number considering that it has an additional day and a lot of people coming in Dec for the New Year / Christmas holidays.

    1. Anonymous13:01

      It's also interesting November had bigger growth, quite unusual.

  24. Anonymous13:00

    July and August should have over 800.000 in 2020.

  25. Anonymous17:08

    The bottleneck terminal extension is a disaster ..
    Beside the bottleneck at the very end the introverted gates area will be extremely cramped without any room for maneuvring planes , well they can do it on the open car parking space ...

    Also if you drive with an armoured car or truck into the airport you only have to turn left and ride straight into the parking aircraft ...

    Designed by fools but who cares as long Vinci saves a lot of money .

    1. Anonymous17:49

      BEG was designed a long time ago when needs and wants were much different than today. Hub system didn't exist back then.

    2. Anonymous17:52

      BEG used to handle over 5 wide bodies and 20 narrow bodies at the same time just fine.

    3. Anonymous17:56

      Not true, those DC-10s never departed at the same time, there are two widebody gates at BEG so that's the current and past capacity.

    4. Anonymous18:02

      What you wrote is not true. C gates were all widebody. C1-2 (one gate) C3-4 (second gate) and C5-6 (third gate) and one remote gate next to C6 was also used for widebody. While B707s were there B platfoem was also used for them. As for departures, you only have to look at their timetable in the 80s to see how many widebodies they had at tge time.

    5. Last anon, can you please say a bit more info about the 80s, I am really curious and was born back in '92...

  26. Anonymous17:25

    The problem is that the best part of the airport is occupied by Jat Tehnika while the terminal area is squeezed into the unattractive western part with little or no room for expansion -
    Best solution would be to tear down Jat Tehnika Hangars and to build the new terminal there .

    1. Anonymous17:48

      Not good idea. Too far from existing terminals. How would pax get there?

    2. Anonymous17:57

      Well they can copy what fancy BUD did and build those barrack hallways LOL!

    3. Anonymous18:31

      Good one, but nope.

    4. Anonymous23:50

      When the new terminal is built there is no more need for the old one .
      Everybody uses the new one .

    5. Anonymous01:47

      Old one can be used for low costers and maybe ATRs.

    6. Anonymous08:17

      Or have foreign carriers use the old one while JU and its partners can use the new one. Many airports have such layouts.

  27. Anonymous00:08

    The access road to the airport is blocking westward expansion of the terminal .
    If you would build a new access road further south and close the old one,
    the space for terminal expansion could be increased to 200 % or more .

    The already mentioned (unfavourable) bottleneck solution could then be easily avoided .
    And the whole thing would even cost less !

    1. Anonymous01:57

      The main access road can be put underground. Also build a new access road further south and you hasve two ways to enter the airport from the motorway. Cuts down on congestion at the current only motorway entrance.

  28. Anonymous01:18

    There will be NO new terminal built by 2043 when concession ends. My dear colleagues and airline experts posting here, try looking at the Airport Detailed Regulation Plan mentioned in the article before commenting. Only an extension of the existing terminal will be built. Terminal will look like a dark blue overlay area (over current terminals, A and C concourses + extended C concourse and over current parking areas) on this photo (source:

    Сто тридесет коментара а не знају о чему причају, сунце ти калајисано! You're welcome!

    1. Anonymous03:06

      Terminal expansion should be completed by 2026.

    2. Anonymous08:20

      А 130 коментара је све било везано за нови терминал? Не прави се паметан. Друго у уговору пише да су у обавези да саграде нови терминал као и нову писту. Дакле не значи да ће га одмах саградити, ово је нека врста прелазног решења како се раст тржишта не би паралисао. Додатком десетак нових авио-мостова ситуација ће бити стављена под контролу барем наредних пет година.

    3. Anonymous09:39

      U ugovoru pise da ce napraviti drugi terminal? Ha ha ha, ajde dokazi. Ugovor jos nije objavljen.

    4. Anonymous09:51

      То је био један од захтева од самог почетка. Престани да хејтујеш и да мизеришеш по блогу.

    5. Anonymous11:46

      U ugovoru izmedju Etihada i drzave o Er Srbiji koji je odavno objavljen stoji da ce Er Srbija dobiti terminal na aerodromu pa se to nije desilo. Nije hejt nego istina. Ni upravo objavljeni Plan ne kaze da ce biti napravljen potpuno nov terminal, izdvojen od sadasnjeg terminala. Ni Vansi nije to eksplicitno rekao. Ja sam prvi bio za udaljenu novu pistu i terminal na toj strani, kao sto su aerodormski planovi decenijama predvidjali. Planovi se menjaju, nije hejt ukazati na to.

    6. Anonymous11:57

      Поента је у томе да је много реалније да се сагради нови терминал него да се то не учини. Број путника расте а сам Ванси очекује да београдски аеродром достигне цифру од 12 милиона путника. Да се не лажемо, да није било Ер Србије то се вероватно никада не би ни десило јер странци и Визер могу напумпати цифре до једне одређене мере.

      Видели смо да ЈУ планира још 10 нових линија а да су многобројна повећања већ објављена и пуштена у продају. Тренутни терминал има капацитет од 7 милиона путника док ће овај додатак то можда повећати на 9.

      Значи и са овим додатком само су купили време док се неко дуготрајно решење не нађе.

    7. Anonymous11:58

      Da dodam i ovo, upravo objavljeno na B92:

      Podizanje druge poletno-sletne staze, novog putničkog terminala i pratećih tehničkih i servisnih sadržaja predviđeno je tek posle 2043. godine, kada Vansijevo upravljanje aerodromom prestaje.

  29. Anonymous09:14

    BEG welcomed 6 millionth passenger some 10 days before new year meaning they had on average 17.000 passengers per day. I remember some years ago when they were bragging how in the height of the summer season they handled 15.000 passengers.

    Only shows how far BEG has come over the last few years.

  30. Anonymous14:39

    Sad how they only managed to do this by giving the rest of the country's airports a big handicap. Truly sad.

    1. Anonymous14:59

      Are you crazy? Nis Airport grew by 20% and got 12 new routes in 2019. Kraljevo Airport was opened with 2 routes to be operational by March. What handicap are you going on about?

    2. Anonymous23:26

      +1 Anon 14:39h
      Remember that the rest of the airports such as INI have restrictions and cannot grow more than 1 million. I understand what you mean by handicap.

    3. Anonymous23:58

      They can grow to more than 1 million.

    4. Anonymous07:26

      INI can grow as long as that growth is not impacting Belgrade. Given today's news I think we are fine.

    5. Anonymous15:30

      And what is today's news?


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