easyJet boosts Croatia capacity


Low cost carrier easyJet, which will be launching four new routes to the Croatian coast this year (two each to Zadar and Pula) will boost capacity on a select number of routes to the country this summer by deploying its Airbus A321neo aircraft, which has the capacity to seat 235 passengers. The jet will be utilised once per week on flights from London Gatwick to Dubrovnik (from May 5), Milan to Zadar (from June 25) and from Bristol to Split (from June 27). Furthermore, the aircraft will be deployed three times per week between Paris and Split (starting June 22). easyJet has a total of eight A321neos in service, with a further 22 on order.


  1. SPU makes sense since there is no more room to add flights.

  2. Replies
    1. What are the new routes to Zadar and Pula?

    2. You have it on the right hand side in new route launches section

  3. Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Croatia: one of the Balkan countries with the highest number of airports.
    Congratulations! Well deserved work.

    1. The number of airports is just fine for the country's geography.
      The Greeks have almost 40 airports who see commercial flights!

    2. Croatia has better roads and is closer to other European countries.


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