FlyBosnia plans new Sarajevo charters


FlyBosnia plans to operate regular charter flights to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia during the 2020 summer season. Starting May 25, the airline will run services from Sarajevo to Antalya, Hurghada and Monastir on behalf of local tour operators. The flights will be maintained until mid-October. The airline’s CEO, Tarik Bilalbegović recently said the carrier has “endless charter requests for the high season”. The airline is also expected to introduce charter flights to Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon in 2020. FlyBosnia, which is currently operating a single Airbus A319 in its fleet, plans to add another two aircraft of the same type in April.


  1. Anonymous11:19

    The secret is in the charters and where the real money is made. This is what the majority of the other carriers must do - utilise the aircraft 100%.
    Well done FlyBosnia!!

    1. Anonymous11:33

      But what about low season (7+ months)?

    2. Anonymous11:56

      Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon :) read the article, dear.
      People from Europe or colder countries usually visit Jordan in winter! Aqaba, Amman, Petra and so on.

  2. Anonymous13:08

    "endless request" tresla se ...

    1. Can Flybosnia Fly To Dublin

    2. Anonymous11:27


    3. Anonymous19:56

      Who will fly from Sarajevo to Dublin? I am not sure there will be enough passangers.


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