Four qualify for Montenegro airports concession


Four entities have qualified for the second and final phase for the thirty-year concession of Montenegro’s two international airports - Podgorica and Tivat. They include South Korea’s Incheon International Airport Corporation, GMR from India, Corporation America Airports from Luxembourg and the Groupe ADP - TAV consortium. Currently, Groupe ADP - TAV jointly run Zagreb Airport, while TAV also manages Macedonia’s international airports on its own. Incheon International Airport Corporation has previously bid for the concessions of both Zagreb and Belgrade airports, making it to the final round on both occasions, while India’s GMR was also a finalist in the race for Belgrade Airport’s concession.

The selected finalists now have sixty days to submit their bindings offers.


  1. Anonymous16:42

    I really hope for Incheon or Luxembourg. TAV is already present down there.
    Incheon's results are amazing. It would be a nice little entrance in European market.

    1. Anonymous17:03

      TAV=sister of Milo!

    2. Anonymous17:34

      If "TAV" wins public procurement for APM, it is example of corruption. Is it possible for state/goverment offical sister be an legal representive of "Tav"?

    3. Anonymous18:15

      I think TAV will win. Others could be used to raise the price for concession.

    4. Anonymous19:40

      what is not Milo in MNE? its not even a question anymore

      and with French tourist being surprisingly in the top5 in Monte on a yearly basis i dont see why ADP/TAV should not win

  2. Anonymous14:11

    Only in the Balkans could the sister of the president participate in a government competition...


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