Montenegro Airlines to boost Belgrade operations


Montenegro Airlines will add an extra daily flight between Tivat and Belgrade this coming summer season. The carrier plans to operate up to 29 weekly services between the two cities from June until September, an increase from last year’s 22 weekly rotations. Belgrade is Montenegro Airlines’ busiest route with the carrier's passenger numbers on flights to the Serbian capital increasing 3% in 2019.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Makes sense, BEG is the only market where they are protected from LCC competition.

  2. Anonymous10:48

    So, if Air Serbia flies 26 times per week as it did during last peak season, we could have up-to 55 flights during peak period?

    1. Anonymous10:56

      I think this will become by far the busiest route in all of ex-YU.

    2. Anonymous11:35

      AS je prosle godine imala 22 leta a ove su povecali na 24, za sada.

    3. Anonymous18:28

      Time for A330?

  3. Anonymous11:22

    2020 will be an epic year for BEG

    1. Anonymous13:39

      Yes. It is funny however, everyone will have the understanding that Vinci did some miracle while they have done nothing so far. All growth (except AF where maybe Vinci can get some credit for) comes directly from existing operating airlines.

    2. Anonymous13:52

      Last anon: You are taking a wild guess. Maybe the whole Air Serbia growth is generated by a deal between VINCI and GoS .... The whole picture is so wide that it is impossible for some layman on aviation blog to know what is going on.

    3. Anonymous14:13

      Last anon you must be kidding ; GOS officials (99% of them) are generally expressing such wisdom and intelligence that indeed they must be behind a great deal with regards to BEG growth! Hats off to both them and you for such laborious thinking!

    4. Anonymous15:26

      You obviously did not read my post correctly, I wrote that GOS can impact the growth of Air Serbia, not other carries flying to BEG. Do you want to say that the whole expansion of JU has nothing to do with GOS, who is actually the owner of JU? Of course the decision and all those millions being pored into JU come directly from GOS.

    5. Anonymous15:27

      Vinci had nothing to do with this growth at JU. As for the government, they approved of it but they had no say or interest in what will be launched or how many flights each destination will have. As for Vinci, they were actually against JU growth because some gates will be closed next summer. So if anything they can't get any credits for any of this.

    6. Anonymous15:45

      JU presented its growth to the government which approved it. Government just gives the green light.

  4. Aleksandar12:07

    Seven or eight daily flights between TIV and BEG... Incredible...

  5. Anonymous12:56

    Congragulation for 53 flights per week BEG-TVT in summer period!
    It is time to introduce in summer period at least 3-4 week flights ZAG-TVT.

  6. Anonymous13:01

    Seven or eight flights per day :) outstanding

    1. Anonymous13:23

      Don't forget daily rotation is on JU's high density A320 with 174 seats! I think they have some flights on the A319 as well.

  7. Anonymous15:11

    This is the busiest route in East Europe, it reminds us a lot of HKG-TPE:

    This route is even busier than the Polish domestic flights.

    1. East Europe can be considered East Europe as political term, and East Europe as geographical term. For political term, I want to say the following : Factual differences from East Europe which Yugoslavia and all today's ex-yugoslav countries had, compared to East Europe : open borders, market economy, direct workers participation in decision making, syndical organisation, high level of human rights, high living standards,
      consumer society with widest range of "western" made products available on the market, western-made aircraft in fleets of 4 airline companies, unlike soviet - made in the single airline, English language learnt at schools and widely spoken instead Russian, and so on and so on. So, despite the fact that formally, Yugoslavia had communist party as a ruling party, politically, it was not Eastern Europe. Geographically, ex-Yugoslavia, and all latter countries, is situated between Italy and Greece. And Italy and Greece are not Eastern Europe. Cuba also has communist party as a ruling party. Is Cuba out of that reason Eastern Europe? Of course not. Therefore, I am kindly asking all of you reading this, not to "place" Yugoslavia, and its today's countries in Eastern Europe because they have never been there, neither geographically, nor politically. And the reasons why we we have such strong attempts to place Yugoslavia "behind the iron curtain" are the same, and coming from the same source which provoked its disintegration.

    2. Anonymous19:14

      I'd say it cannot be bussier than Moscow-St Petersburg, which are indeed in Eastern Europe.

    3. Anonymous23:14

      To anon 15:11:

      according to flightradar:

      LED-SVO 204 flights per week
      LED-VKO 101 flights per week
      LED-DME 95 flights per week

      busiest Polish routes within Eastern Europe:
      WAW-KRK 56 flights per week
      WAW-PRG 49 flights per week
      WAW-WRO 48 flights per week
      WAW-GDN 46 flights per week
      WAW-POZ 42 flights per week

      so BEG-TVT would be close second, if we exclude Russia

  8. Anonymous17:11

    Very good for Serbia!

  9. Anonymous20:39

    Montenegro keeps winning!

    1. Anonymous04:18

      Искрено на губитку ће бити и Србија и Црна Гора. Нема потпоре у тражњи за 7 нових летова Монтенегра и 2 додатна лета Ер Србије. Лето ће бити исто, +/-3% у односу на 2019.

  10. Letecu za Solun. Manja ie guzva. Veca zabava...


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