Niš launches terminal expansion tender


Niš Constantine the Great Airport has commenced tender procedures to select a project engineer for the expansion of its terminal building. The airport plans to expand its facilities by adding an extra 5.000 square metres, while part of its existing terminal will be overhauled. The expanded section of the building will feature at least one air bridge, a new baggage sorting facility, check-in desks, ambulance services and a VIP lounge. Once completed, the airport will have the capacity to handle four Boeing 737-800-sized aircraft at the same time. Niš Airport welcomed 422.255 passengers through its doors in 2019, representing an increase of 20.1% on the year before. It added an extra 70.674 travellers. The airport anticipates handling half a million passengers in 2020.


  1. Anonymous10:44

    Good luck, INI, you deserve a nice terminal! And, congrats for excellent results in 2019!

    1. Anonymous11:04

      They are indeed growing nicely, in November and December they managed to overtake TZL in terms of passenger numbers.

      I can't wait to see how they perform next year.

  2. Anonymous11:29

    Does anyone have a link to or know the passenger statistics of each of the new Air Serbia routes from Nis ?

    1. Anonymous15:10

      only numbers for german routes available (one way D->RS):

      Aug: NUE 68%, Hahn 64%, FKB 54%, HAJ 44,7%, FDH 38%
      Sept: FDH 59.6%, Hahn 57,6%, NUE 40,5%, HAJ 42.1% ,FKB 31%
      Oct: Hahn 62,5% , HAJ 51.6%, NUE 47%, FDH 42.4%, FKB 36%

    2. Anonymous19:00

      Interesting how most routes perform better in October than September.

    3. Anonymous09:05

      Wow, very poor LF for summer months

    4. Anonymous10:09

      It's a shame really cause the ticket prices are extremely competitive.

    5. Anonymous10:21

      I think they need to switch to main hubs and give people from Niš much bigger opportunities. These P2P routes makes no sense (other than kicking out FR).

    6. Anonymous10:51

      I’ve just had a look at prices for all destinations and all airlines from INI for summer 2020. All prices are between €10 to €30. You would expect LF 95% with these rates.

    7. Anonymous11:22

      I guess this summer will be much better as for summer 2019 they put the tickets pretty late on sale.

  3. U grupi Aerodroma Srbije Nis je vodeci po znacaju, broju putnika i buducih ulaganja u Aerodrom Konstatin Veliki.
    Kada se bude dogradio terminal i produzila pista, tada ce
    se moci iskreno "veliki" u okviru Aerodroma Srbije.
    Kraljevacka Morava, pa i jos neotvorene Uzicke Ponikve su za sada nedostizni za Nis. Bar sto se terminala tice.
    Razvojem Aerodroma Srbije, razvija se i drzava Srbija.
    Drzava koja je nestala kada je oslobodjena 1918 godine.
    Aerodromi, auto putevi su prvi vesnici da Srbija Vaskrsava i na Bozic. Srecan Bozic i nova godina.
    Mnogo letova u Srbiju.
    Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast. ✈😀✈🌐✈🌍✈🌎✈🌏✈🇷🇸✈🇦🇺✈

  4. Anonymous11:50

    Things looking bright for the south. INI gets a new airport, the highway to Europe connecting Constantinople currently under construction so access to BEG, SOF & IST much better.
    By 2025, traffic willmost likely reach 1 million.

    1. Anonymous11:58

      INI is not getting a new airport. It is getting 5,000 square metre expansion.
      Constantinople ....

    2. Anonymous13:06

      Bravo Constantinople? :)))

  5. Anonymous14:07

    Great! With current flights and hopefully with JU improving its loads, INI can reach 750.000 passengers per year. Hopefully someone introduces INI-BVA.


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