Pristina Airport ends 2019 on record high


Pristina Airport handled 2.373.698 passengers in 2019, marking its busiest year on record. The figure represents an increase of 9.6% on the year before, with the airport adding an extra 207.949 travellers. In December alone, it welcomed 184.844 passengers, up 4.3%. Last year saw low cost carrier Eurowings establish a base in Pristina and introduce a number of new routes, which offset the impact of the collapse of  Germania and Adria Airways, both of which had aircraft stationed at the airport.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN168.777 17.0
FEB138.443 11.7
MAR169.524 12.7
APR192.197 8.0
MAY182.171▲ 8.1 
JUN209.150▲ 17.3
JUL280.295▲ 9.4
AUG302.413▲ 9.9
SEP201.210▲ 5.4
OCT187.581▲ 10.0
NOV156.651▲ 2.9
DEC185.121▲ 4.4


  1. Compared to SKP?!?

    1. Skopje and Ohrid combined, 2.7 M

    2. PRN probably leads but by less then 10.000

    3. PRN ahead of SKP circa 25.000.

    4. last anon: do your calculation again PRN was ahead only 1000 in Nov

    5. Yes, last anon.

    6. Last Anon..

      OHRID in 2018 (Source Wikipedia) -184,283.00

      Increase in OHRID in 2019 (Source ExYU) -72.00%

      OHRID in 2019 (OHRID in 2018 + 72% increase in 2019)
      - 316,966.76

      Macedonia (SKOPJE + OHRID) in 2019 -2,652,838.00

      SKOPJE (Macedonia - OHRID) in 2019 -2,335,871.24

    7. your number for Macedonia (SKOPJE + OHRID) in 2019 is incorrect

    8. that number is not for the whole of December and it was also stated as such by exyu

    9. Oh.. my bad. It is not calculated the last day of 2019.
      Lets add to SKP 10.000 passengers for the 31 December. We will get 2.346.000 passenger for Skopje in 2019, which means that Skopje had in 2019 23.000 passengers less then Pristina.

    10. your number suggest that SKP had 0% growth in Dec which is probably 0% possible ;)

      Add some 8-9% to SKP's december nr from last year and add it up to the Jan-Nov nr (from here and not from wiki) then you will get the final results

    11. I specified sources of my figures. If the sources are not correct, it is not my fault.

      No other sources I was able to find in internet. If you have better sources, please, persent them to us.

  2. the demise of Adria is felt there

  3. not sure whats going on with Eurowings. they dont sell MUC and FRA after March. STR and DUS only 1 weekly. maybe only charters

  4. I have done some calculations.. the result isn’t still known. SKP was 2 183 000 pax till 30.11.
    There is a chance that it carried > 186k pax in Dec and overtook PRN. Let’s sit and wait for the final statistic.

    1. there are none :) results are out for december

    2. Not for the whole month.

  5. Will Ernest going bankrupt affect these figures at all?

  6. Region is going fast forward.

    Macedonia ~ 2.65 million
    Albania ~ 3.35 million
    Kosovo ~ 2.35 million

    Total almost 8.5 million!


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