Record year for Tuzla Airport


Tuzla Airport registered its busiest year in 2019 by welcomeing 592.374 travellers, representing an increase of 1.3%. It added an extra 7.764 passengers on the year before. The result was achieved despite fewer flight operations. However, the average cabin load factor on services to and from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second busiest airport was higher than the year before from April onwards. Wizz Air continues to contribute to the bulk of Tuzla Airport’s traffic, while Freebird Airlines maintains seasonal charter flights from Antalya.


  1. Anonymous16:16

    Are there any increases/decreases in 2020?

  2. Anonymous16:58

    Tuzla would have much better results if the road network in north-east Bosnia would be better. Whole Semberija, Brčko District, Zvornik, even Serbian Mačva etc. would consider flights from Tuzla. For example, for me in Bijeljina it’s easier to get to Belgrade, incl. crossing a border, than driving to Tuzla. It’s pain in the a** to get there, crossing the Majevica Mountains, especially when it’s a morning flight in winter. In comparison:

    Bijeljina -> Belgrade: ca 130km
    Bijeljina -> Tuzla: ca 60km

    It takes about the same time. Belgrade is much more relaxing tho.

    1. Anonymous21:32

      During winter, I would always prefer BEG rather than TZL. Foggy weather is real trouble for all airports in Bosnia except Mostar.

    2. Anonymous02:24

      I agree with Bijeljina colleague.
      It's very risky and you never know when the flods have washed away some part of the Majevica road, bridge or tunnel.
      Or a accident and/or chasing migrants blocking it. Furthermore heavy snowfall, icy conditions and fog/pollution not contributing.
      I stressed several times to reach the flights, despite leaving 1h earlier than calculated.

  3. Anonymous17:25

    Bravo Tuzla!

  4. Anonymous18:08

    A bit exaggerated, Bn-BEG is 120 km and Bn-TZL is 80 km, but yes, it probably takes the same time to get to both places. I have spent half of my life traveling in NE Bosnia and it is really horrific without highways. But this is a low cost airport afterall and is not meant to compete with BEG. And people from Croatia and Serbia do fly from TZL quite a bit.

  5. Anonymous23:12

    Odlican rezultat!

    1. Anonymous23:20

      Ja ne vidim ekonomske rezultate. Profit, ima li ga?

    2. Anonymous23:38

      Pitanje vazi za vecinu aerodroma u Ex-Yu. Ali, ekonomski rezultat treba gledati sire od samog aerodroma.

    3. Anonymous08:29

      Koji ekonomski rezultat treba gledat ??? Ljudi ce svakako doci ako su naumili i ostaviti pare u drzavi. Ti si zaboravio da Tuzlanski kanton placa WIZZ AIRu letove iz Tuzle i da je aerodrom stalno u dubiozi. Kad sve saberes i oduzmes jedina korist je od ljudi koji dolaze iz HR i SRB da lete iz Tuzle. A i to treba izracunati. Po meni su bitna kretanja ljudi.

    4. Anonymous23:38

      Ako to vazi za aerodrome onda vazi i za avio firme iz regiona. Nije bitno sto rade u minusu, bitno je da ima prometa ljudi, to je dobro za region i ekonomiju.

  6. Anonymous18:06

    Kako usko razmisljanje, onda najbolje da zatvore sve manje aerodrome u regiji. Aerodrom posluje blizu pozitivnog rezultata, sa prosirenjem kapaciteta ide i veca zarada, a zaradu ne donosi samo putnicka taksa, vec brojni drugi sadrzaji poput handlinga aviona, prodaje goriva, najma prostora, parkinga.... I definitivno mnogi ne bi uopste dolazili u BiH bar ne ovako cesto kao sada, probaj ti doci iz skandinavije busem par puta godisnje, gdje samo u putu provedes 5 dana


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