Montenegro Airlines to add E195 in April


Montenegro Airlines will add a fourth Embraer 195 jet to its fleet from April. The carrier’s CEO, Živko Banjević, confirmed the dry lease of the jet at a summit of industry professionals in Zurich last week. A fifth E195 will eventually replace an outgoing Fokker 100, which is due to leave the fleet at the end of the 2020 summer season. Mr Banjević noted that seasonality continues to be an issue for the carrier, as in summer demand almost exceeds supply. However, the CEO said that figures are steadily improving in the off-season as well.


  1. Anonymous12:54

    nice airplaine

  2. Flights to Malta? When?

  3. Anonymous14:09

    Montenegro keeps winning!

    1. Anonymous19:56

      +1 Montenegro is unstoppable.

    2. Anonymous20:13

      Best airline in the world. Ryanair and Lufthansa are afraid.

    3. Anonymous21:11

      Last true legacy carrier.

    4. Anonymous22:50

      Growing at 2% is winning until you look at how fast others are growing.

  4. Anonymous17:35

    The Embraer jets proved to be a marvellous aircraft with an amazing safety level. Can´t remember when there was an Embraer jet, tbh.
    I think B2 and FB are very happy with their choice and logically YM should too.
    Wishing YM all the very best with the LIS will be a great success!


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