Morava Airport to begin work on new runway


The construction of a second runway at Kraljevo’s Morava Airport is due to begin towards the end of the year. The General Manager of operator Airports of Serbia, Mihajlo Zdravković, said, “The funds have been secured. We are in the process of procuring a contractor to devise the plan. We expect to have both the plan and all technical documentation ready by the end of the year in order for construction to begin”. The new runway will be three kilometres long and sixty metres wide. Commercial flights from Morava Airport commenced last December.


  1. Anonymous11:48

    Can somebody tell us how are the JU flights doing on KVO-VIE-KVO?

    1. Anonymous10:48

      Don't know for sure but I know people who flew on the route and there were from 40 to 60 passengers when they flew.

  2. 60 meters wide? Why on earth????? Most of runways are 45 meters wide!!!!! Just few runways in biggest airports in World are 60 meters wide. And what for 3 km? Kraljevo plans to have wide-body? They can not attract any flights exempt over payed PSO, and that is just 3 flights all year, but now will make runway for wide-bodies? To spend several dozen million EUR on something there is no need for is stupid in much richer country and in one of most poor countries in Europe that is insanity.

    1. Anonymous12:03

      The runway is primarily planned for cargo planes.

    2. Anonymous12:07

      yes Purger, we know from the start that you were/are against this airport

    3. Anonymous12:31

      And why do you care?

    4. Anonymous12:40

      You do realize that KVO is primarily a MILITARY airport and they very often there are military planes taking off and landing and some of them are quite big. Also since they are building a new runway why not make it as big as they can?

    5. Anonymous12:41

      Even B747/An-124/A380/An-225/C-5 can operate to 45m wide runways.

      So cargo argument is worthless.

    6. Anonymous12:43

      It's a military airport and Serbia is exporting weapons more and more these days and many of them are shipped in massive planes.

    7. Anonymous12:51

      More massive than An-225 or C-5?

    8. Anonymous12:59

      An-225, A380 etc. require 60m runways.

      Most of East European airports have 60m runways, expect former Yugoslavia.

    9. Anonymous13:00

      That's a good idea for Vinci btw, if they can't make two 45m runways convert the existing one into 60m.

    10. Anonymous13:33

      Purger, masks came down this time: poorest country in Europe, stupid, insanity etc. No need for such language just because you don't see the potential.

      I can see what this airport could be used for over the next 20-30 years but I don't use it to insult those without the same vision.

    11. An-225 was in Zagreb and it has 45 meters wide. A380 does not require 60 meters wide, but does Kraljevo plan to have A380?

      Military airport, of course it is. But what for military airport need 60 meters wide? For military use 30 meters is more than enough. Even more, they will have 2 runways when new one will be opened. And how many planes are in 241st Fighter-Bomber Squadron (helicopters does not need runway). 8, 10, 12? They all can take off from one runway in 2 minutes.

      People here would say: "Ima se može se". Why country needs schools, hospitals, pensions... 3000x60 meters in airport with 3 flights per week is priority. OMG!

    12. Anonymous13:48

      A380 does require 60 m. Or at least 45 m with shoulders totalling 60 m pavement. Many airports have even put shoulders at 60 m runways for A380 ops or have different pavement, moved signs etc.

    13. Anonymous13:58

      And military doesn't have the need for cargo transport where planes are much larger? Also the current runway is right next to the terminal, in the future I see it being closed down and used as taxiway especially since it's small.

    14. To me it's more likely that this guy misspoke or has no clue what he is talking about

    15. Anonymous15:18

      For the love of god this is primarily a military airport, not a civilian one, this is not INI. If they are building a new one from scratch why not make it the biggest possible, what is there to lose? If they are building something new then they might as well built it properly.

    16. Anonymous16:01

      "If they are building a new one from scratch why not make it the biggest possible, what is there to lose?"

      Money that could be used for something more useful?

      "If they are building something new then they might as well built it properly."

      OK, so better build 3 runways 4500x60m with Cat 3b ILS at each runway end. Might as well do it properly.

    17. Anonymous16:09

      A380 can operate to 45m runways without extra shoulders, provided certain procedures are met.

      But this is all very theoretical anyway, as:

      1. I don't see KVO generating enough pax demand to fill A380.
      2. A380 is dead anyway.
      3. A380 will never be either produced or converted to freighter.

    18. Anonymous18:04

      Well they are not building three runways but one so why build two additional ones? Since KVO has to get a new runway might as well build one that can accept all planes.

    19. Anonymous19:17

      A 45m wide runway can.

      And 3000m is not not enough for takeoff of large widebodies at MTOW.

      But I'm sure some local Serbian aviation specialists who opened the airport with useless runway know better.

    20. Anonymous19:56

      Which are the potential cargo carriers than can operate to KVO?
      I know that DHL use their 757 to LEJ and also Cargolux 747.

      In 2011, Kraljevo already had ambitious cargo plans in cooperation with the United States of America:

    21. Anonymous00:01

      Purger says: "Ima se može se".

      That sounds like another insult. No, it's a smart investment. You can't figure out why, what is the plan for the airport and what is the present value of future cash flow - not my problem. But you will find out once it's operational.

      BTW runway won't be 60m wide. Might be with shoulders, but not the paved runway itself.

    22. Nemjee07:48

      Like people already wrote above, it's primarily a military airport with some civilian use, I am sure the Serbian Ministry of Defense had to give the final green light and to actually give some extra input on what's being done over there. Don't forget that Serbian arms industry is located in Valjevo, Trstenik and I think Kragujevac. All those cities are not far from KVO, especially Trstenik that's some 35 km from Kraljevo. Most if not all weapons exports were moved from BEG to INI so it only makes sense for weapons to be exported from a military airport with all the government infrastructure already there. Who do you think is pushing all those cargo numbers in INI? In December 2019 alone INI handled 1180.430 tons of cargo carried on 45 flights. What do you think those Il-76 were carrying? Raspberries and dry plums? Highly doubt it.

      You are all focusing on KVO-VIE onboard the ATR while missing the much bigger picture. If they want to build a 60 m wide runway then let them, at least for once we are not going to limit ourselves. Since they are building a whole new runway from scratch, why not make something decent?

      As for there not being any need for a third airport in that region, I highly disagree. It's not just about the airport serving Kraljevo but also southern Rashka and cities such as Novi Pazar, Tutin, Sjenica, Kosovska Mitrovica and so on. For many of these cities, with strong diaspora ties, BEG or INI are simply too far away. I think most on here who oppose KVO's expansion have actually never driven from Pazar to Belgrade in winter through the Ibar river canyon.

      There is a reason why KVO-VIE is a success from the first flight. Hopefully in the future they increase the number of flights, especially in summer.

  3. Anonymous12:07

    At first I was against this airport, I thought 2 international airports in the country is enough, but now that I think better, every village in western Europe and US have an airport, so why not Kraljevo? :P

  4. Any info on the cost of building a brand new full size runway?
    And WHEN it would be ready?

    1. Anonymous01:58

      2025 and over whatever budget is given.

      Like everything else in Serbia.

  5. Anonymous12:20

    As far as I've heard it really is meant for cargo only. Wouldn't that be wasteful? You could land a widebody on that runway.

    1. Anonymous12:24

      Of course it won't be ONLY for cargo. But it is being built with cargo planes in mind.

  6. Anonymous12:36

    Typical Balkan mentality, allways complaining, why we need such a runway? Why we dont have a runway....??
    Just be happy that they buil it!

    1. Anonymous12:43

      And yesterday people were complaining how BEG was eating all the traffic. Purger even kept on complaining how BEG's share in total traffic is 96% while ignoring how other airports became operational only recently. You can never make these people happy.

    2. Anonymous13:05

      @anon 12:43

    3. I don't think that Serbia does not need 3 airports. Even more it should invest more in Niš and Ponikve, that Belgrade will have acceptable 85% Serbian air traffic (today 96%). I just think Morava is to close to Belgrade. If you have Niš-Ponikve-Belegrade triangle it will be 3 airports separated 250 km from each other, what is ideal for Serbia with highway connection between airports (building in progress) and that means passengers have one or even two airport option in 1,5 hours driving.

      But even if they irrationally decide to open Morava, they should not make this megalomania project:
      - terminal building is much too big, there could be build much smaller airport with capacity of some 200 passengers per hour (and in today terminal they should use part of it for some other purpose like magazine)

      - for sure Morava does not need runway 3000x60 metes. Today runway can be used for ATR and CRJ and it is cheaper to spend 1 million EUR each year for PSO (for that amount of money you should have at least 50 flights per week with smaller plane - in Western Europe 14-20 flights per week with ATR 72 is payed 350.000 EUR per year) than to build new runway

      - but even if you decide to build longer runway, 2500x45 meters is enough for all A320 or 737 family planes, even most of cargo planes

    4. Anonymous14:59

      Serbia indeed needs even 1 more airport to have a bigger coverage.
      If you check the countries in the region, you will see they have more than 3...

      BiH: 4
      Romania: 16
      Hungary: 3
      Bulgaria: 5
      Croatia: 9
      Belarus: 6
      Slovakia: 4
      Czechia: 5
      Lithuania: 3 being so much smaller

    5. Anonymous15:20

      And who decides that 85% is acceptable? Based on what criteria and parameters, I am genuinely curious now.

      Once again, this runway is at a military airport, who cares if an ATR or 733 can land on this or that runway. Even with more flights coming in the primary role of the airport would be to be useful in case of war, so why should the ministry of defense limit itself with a smaller runway?

    6. Anonymous15:48

      Romania has only 13 airports with year round traffic. Information about 16 airports is wrong

    7. Anonymous10:22

      Purgeru gde Srbija počinje tu ekonomska logika prestaje. Ovo se radi za to što se kradu pare iz budžeta eto. A običana narod nema pojma koji su standardi za poletno sletne piste širom sveta. 20x3000 to je 60,000 kvadratnih metara materijala.

    8. Anonymous10:38

      Аман људи битно је да ће се нова писта изградити што ће омогућити да већи авиони слећу а самим тим да се шири регион повеже са светом и да коначно наша скијалишта постану приступачнија странцима. За неколико година ова писта, колика год да она била, ће се исплатити. Погледајмо само како аеродром у Нишу расте а захваљујући све већем приходу од такси средства која се издвајају из буџета су смањена. Исто ће се и овде десити посебно када авио-компаније попут Рајанера и Визера буду у могућности да користе овај аеродром.

      Овде економске логике има. Мени се више чини да неке плаши потенцијални успех Мораве као што је то био случај са Нишем. И дан данас Ниш је једини аеродром у бившој држави који има тај број авио-компанија са тим бројем путника. Тако је обезбеђена конкуренција која знатно смањује цене карата.

    9. Anonymous23:54

      "Ovo se radi za to što se kradu pare iz budžeta eto"

      Super si to provalio, samo nam daj neki dokaz za to.

  7. Anonymous14:49

    KVO can become a cargo hub of the region and become something like ZAZ airport in Spain, which sees cargo numbers exceeding those of BCN!
    That said, KVO can then try and launch long-haul cargo destinations to worldwide hubs...DXB, MEM, DOH...

    The strategic location favours it also being close to many key cities.

  8. notLufthansa18:26

    lol, srpska posla at large! and I'm Serb, OMG. People talk about A380 in context of Kraljevo! OMG, and it is not even april 1st! Since they are planning 60x3000m RWY, why not putting fast train tracks and 6 hotels on top of that? You know, ko kaze da nemam para, daj sest karata! This is just insane....We are talking about Kraljevo, right? The small town 2 hrs from Nis, which is struggling to get some traffic there. LOL! You are the best, realy!

    1. Nemjee08:11

      Tragic comment. Kraljevo is a small town 2 hours from Nish? Well, sorry to break it to you but Kraljevo is actually Serbia's 8th largest city with a population of 68,749. That's the city alone, the administrative area has a population of 125,488 and which actually increased from 121,707 in 2002.
      Now, Kraljevo is also the administrative center of the Rashka district which is home to 309,258 people making it one of the most populous administrative regions in the country.

      This area has richer parts and poorer parts but generally the situation is far from being tragic. In the period 2015-2016 GDP per capita increased from 263.000 to 269.000 RSD.

      As for the distance from main airports:

      Kraljevo city to BEG: 168 km, 2 hours.
      Kraljevo city to INI: 143 km, 1.55 minutes.

      Technically it's easier to reach BEG because from Chachak you have the highway all the way to the airport while in order to reach INI you have to drive through endless villages until you reach Pojate where you enter the Belgrade-Nish highway.

      So overall, KVO has a lot of potential especially if you factor in surrounding districts such as Kosovsko-Mitrovacki, Pecki, Moravicki, Zlatiborski, Rasinski, Sumadijski...

      Expanding and investing in KVO will further stimulate economic development of this region. Someone who is from Serbia or who lives in Serbia should know all this. Especially when you look at the distance from KVO to neighboring ski resorts.

    2. notLufthansa08:58

      wow man, 70.000 souls! wow! send it the A380s!

    3. Nemjee09:09

      Your humour is as weak as your arguments.

  9. While KVO is currently the 4th largest airport in Serbia, its central location gives it great potential for future success, both for passenger and cargo traffic.

    1. Anonymous12:59

      I'm curious to see how SKG route performs, interesting that only Serbia can maintain so many flights to Greece. SKG is only served from BEG and KVO in ex-YU.

  10. Gradnja paralelne piste za sletanje velikih aviona je projektovana dimenzija 3400 × 60 metara sa 3b nivoom.
    Postojeca vojna pista ostaje iskljucivo za vojni saobracaj.
    Nije sposobna za primanje mlaznih putnickih i kargo aviona. Neisplativa je za dogradnju za normalan civilni saobracaj!
    Vojni i civilni saobracaj ce biti fizicki odvojen.
    Logicno da ce na novu pistu sletati i svi vojni transporni avioni. Svih velicina. Kao sto se praktikuje na ogromnom broju mesovitih aerodroma sirom sveta.
    Ne postoji centralnija pozicija u zemlji Srbiji od pozicije
    Medjunarodnog aerodroma Morava Kraljevo. Bukvalno od njega vode autoputevi u sest pravaca. Prema Beogradu, Pojatama, Kragujevcu, Pozegi, Sjenici i Uzicama...
    Razvoj Srbije treba novu pistu za buducnost. Zbog toga je i zavrseno snimanje, merenje i delimicno ispitivanje podloge.
    Pista ce biti u gradnji za sledecih 12 meseci. Ona se ne pravi da Srbija bude gubitnik. Vec za decenije koje dolaze.
    Potencijal za par miliona stanovnika koji gravitiraju i mogu stici na Moravu izmedju deset i pedeset minuta. Kao i buducih investicija, vecih i brojnijih nego svih do sada koji su dosli u ovoj oblasti.
    Sve ljutnje i kritike prolaze. Morava sa novim terminalom i novom pistom ostaju da bi se Srbija uputila u dvadeset prvi vek. Neka oproste, ako se nekom ne dopada realnost sadasnjosti i trud za buducnost.
    Toliko od Rodney-a na putu za aerodrom.

  11. So many comments on just another airport...



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