Mostar Airport doubles January figures


Mostar Airport handled 384 passengers in January, more than doubling its figures compared to last year. It represents an overall increase of 135.6% compared to January 2019. The stronger numbers were achieved primarily as a result of FlyBosnia, which launched a one weekly service from Mostar to Rome in mid-December 2019. However, the route was suspended earlier this month, with flights to resume on March 2. This year, Mostar will also have to deal with a significant reduction in capacity offered by Eurowings, which maintains seasonal flights from Germany. Services between Stuttgart and Mostar, which were operated by the 144-seat Airbus A319 aircraft last year will now be maintained with the seventy-seat Dash 8 Q400 equipment. On the other hand, flights from Dusseldorf to Mostar have been reduced from two to one per week on board the A319. They have been scheduled to run only until the end of August.


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  2. Anonymous13:43

    Really....getting excited for 384 passengers. If it was 1384 or even better 3840, then I would be positive. With the cuts by Eurowings this year, I can't even see Mostar reaching 2019 figures. Just my opinion.

  3. Anonymous18:12

    OMG 384 pax. Most likely Portoroz had more passengers without a single commercial service. So sad!

    1. Anonymous18:33

      LQBZ (Zalužani, sport airfield) has more passengers

    2. Duplo vise putnika je sigurno izazvalo guzvu na aerodromu. To je skoro 13 putnika dnevno sto je sigurno visestruko manje nego zaposlenih. Ti 6 ili 7 putnika koji su prosle godine prolazili aerodromom sigurno su upoznali sve zaposlene, malo popricali s njima, mozda ih pozvali na djecje rodjendane...kakav jad i cemer...vise prometa ima na Barra aerodromu po visokoj plimi...jooooooj....

    3. Anonymous23:01

      Ja sam popricao sa onim starijim na pasoskoj kontoli, dok me onaj mladji sumnjicavo gledao :)


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