Saudi Arabia's flyadeal seeking pilots in Belgrade

Saudi Arabia's flyadeal is seeking to recruit captains and first officers in Belgrade. The carrier will host a roadshow in the Serbian capital on February 7 and 8 at the In Hotel (Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 56). The agenda includes a company presentation and Q&A session from 09.00 until 11.30, as well as personal interviews between 12.00 and 18.00. Pilots who are selected for further assessment, will then be scheduled for SIM sessions on February 9 and 10 at the Sofia Flight Training Center. Terms and conditions, as well as the application form for the captain position can be found here, and for the first officer position here.

The Jeddah-based flyadeal was founded in September 2017. The low fare airline is a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation. It currently operates a fleet of brand new Airbus CEO aircraft. Last summer, the airline placed a firm order with Airbus for thirty new A320 NEOs with a further twenty options. Deliveries will start in 2021 and the airline is expected to operate fifty aircraft by 2025.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    First time I see them hiring in this region. Nice and good luck.

  2. Anonymous14:01

    Would be nice to see them flying to Belgrade .

  3. Anonymous14:45

    What surprises me is they have not chose to do it in the SMATSA Aviation Academy instead but chose the Sofia Flight Training Center. Is it the first time this happens?

    1. Anonymous15:01

      They're doing these in a few places since I see it's a roadshow so it was probably most convenient to do it in Sofia. Just my guess.

    2. Anonymous20:00

      SMATSA Aviation Academy doesn't have A320 simulator would be the primary reason.

    3. Anonymous06:26

      Without the A320 sim there's no point and even if they had one FD would probably prefer avoiding the good old Serbian corruption tradition of smuggling the sim/test profiles to friends and family by some sim technician or employee

  4. A320 sim will be there in Sofia.


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