Split and Dubrovnik post mixed results


Croatia’s coastal airports in Split and Dubrovnik have seen a mixed start to the year. Split Airport welcomed 36.739 passengers through its doors during the first month of 2020, representing an increase of 1%. On the other hand, Dubrovnik Airport processed 19.338 travellers, down 26.5%. It marks an end to Dubrovnik’s twelve months of consecutive growth.


  1. Anonymous13:41

    So what happened in Dubrovnik? That's quite a drop but then again SPU didn't perform phenomenally either.

    1. In Split Eurowings cancel some routes, in Dubrovnik Iberia and LOT did not have flights unlike last winter. In same time last year in Dubrovnik there were some Freebird charters, but not this year.

    2. Anonymous15:14

      Shame to see that their attempts to reduce seasonality have failed. Hopefully they do better next year.

    3. Anonymous21:19

      To be honest the city of Dubrovnik isn't seriously attempting to reduce seasonality, they are doing absolutely nothing to attract tourists in winter months

    4. Anonymous08:31

      Sorry, Anon 21:19, but it's not true!

    5. Anonymous09:45

      Anon 08:31, maybe you should come here and see for yourself? It's literally a dead city without any events hapening from the New Year until Easter probably, with apocalitic looking empty streets and closed restaurants. Add to it bad weather every other day basically so no wonder people aren't really flocking to come visit in winter months

  2. Anonymous17:34

    Split must have connections with London and Paris in winther months.

  3. Zagreb had a plus 200K January up 6%. Not bad.


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