Strong start for Pristina Airport in 2020


Pristina Airport welcomed 183.130 travellers through its doors during the month of January. The figure represents an increase of 8.5% compared to last year. In the coming days, Air Mediterranean will begin replacing Orange2Fly on a number of routes out of Pristina, until the latter discontinues operations from the city in late March. Additionally, Air Mediterranean will introduce new destinations from Kosovo during the year. British Airways is also due to commence seasonal flights from London Heathrow to Pristina in July.


  1. Kos Gov. has provided total of 9 mln EUR in subsidies for 2020, 2021 and 2022. PRN now has the chance to make the most out of it and aim for a 15% -20% growth this year.

    1. Anonymous12:01

      Yes it was reported. Hope we will see some good results.

    2. Pristina Airport has one of the highest taxes in the region. How come Wizz Air can sell fares for €60 inbounds/outbound from Malmo to Skopje and can't operate on a flight to Pristina. The reason is Taxes.

      You could travel to Skopje from Toronto Canada for $1100 and on the same dates to Pristina for $1900. It's just insane. This year Skopje will see an increase of 20% in Travelers. I know a majority of Travelers already purchased flights to Skopje even though their final destination is Kosovo.

      Please consider the taxes and options as you are directing travelers to have Skopje as their first option

    3. That is simply not true. You are spreading misinformation. You can fly Wizz Air from PRN to several destinations for 9.99 one way.
      If Wizz doesn't operate a direct flight to Malmo for your convenience, is quite a different story.


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