Foreign carriers suspend majority of EX-YU flights

Foreign carriers have suspended the majority of their services to the countries of the former Yugoslavia where air traffic is still operational, with more to follow in the coming days, as a result of the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. Aeroflot is halting the majority of its operations due to increasing travel restrictions and new measures in Russia but will continue to maintain flights to Zagreb. The Qatari carrier intends on running services to the Croatian and Bosnian capitals at this point.

Emirates also currently plans on maintaining its operations to Zagreb, albeit at six times per week instead of daily. Norwegian Air Shuttle has discontinued flights to all of its destinations in the former Yugoslavia, with operations currently scheduled to resume in mid-April. The airline will operate its last service to the region, between Stockholm and Sarajevo, tomorrow.

Turkish Airlines will discontinue flights to Dubrovnik, with the airport’s General Manager noting that all international services will likely be suspended. It follows Croatia Airlines’ decision to maintain only domestic services from all airports other than Zagreb. “We currently have flights from Athens [Aegean Airlines], London [British Airways] and Istanbul. Turkish Airlines is likely to cancel Istanbul, while we will see what happens with Athens and London. Due to very low demand, I expect they will be suspended as well”, the General Manager of Dubrovnik Airport, Frano Luetić, said. Lufthansa has suspended its operations to Zagreb and Sarajevo.

Within the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia effectively remain the only two countries with operational commercial air traffic at this point.


  1. Anonymous09:10

    Dark times.

  2. Anonymous10:19

    Greta is happy!

    1. Anonymous10:39

      and you have totally lost the plot

  3. As I can see from FLIGHT RADAR OU contrary to other companies offers a lot of flights in spite of the situation of coronavirus. Well my question is does anybody fly with those flights or they fly almost empty without caring for the financial loss just relying on the guaranteed benefits they will might get from the government?!

    1. Anonymous11:31

      Burning money

    2. Anonymous15:56

      Yesterdays LHR flight relatively full on the way back

  4. Anonymous21:01

    Ryanair cancelled completely all flights ex DUB and ORK to ZAD for 2020 season.(all bookings for season are refunded now). IRL to HR, still operating summer flights ex DUB to SPU and from DUB to DBV, EI postponed flights ex DUB to PUY (cancelled Fridays' departures) and flights ex DUB to TGD (Titograd*Podgorica).


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