Kosovo bans flights from European markets


Starting today at 15.00 CET, Kosovo will ban all arriving and departing flights at Pristina Airport to and from Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy in a bid to stem the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. All services from these countries will be discontinued until further notice. Switzerland and Germany are Kosovo’s two largest air markets, accounting for 37% and 33% of all of Pristina Airport’s passenger traffic last year respectively. Italy accounted for less than 1% of all travellers in 2019, while France was below 1%.


  1. Anonymous10:49

    at first i thought crazy but when you think that half of the medical stuff from the Balkans migrated to the west maybe not that crazy.

    they could close the airport with D and CH suspended

    btw France is important because of Basel airport !

  2. Anonymous12:24

    What's the point of this measure when people will just switch to flying from INI and SKP.

    1. Anonymous13:01

      They will follow suit very soon.

  3. Anonymous13:40

    But no stop on pax coming from Middle East destinations?

    1. Anonymous13:44

      And Turkey where the official response is to ignore the disease and simply do not tests people for it!

    2. Anonymous01:10

      Because middle east and balkan people are cleaniest in higiene in world
      Using water to clean wheb using bathroom and labatories
      Washing hands 20 times a day
      All those countrys inlcude kosovo north macedonia were in top 10 for healthiest cleanest and higienest.in world
      Europe contrus top 50
      Get out man


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