Lauda delays new Zadar routes


Low cost carrier and Ryanair subsidiary Lauda has pushed back the bulk of its new routes from Zadar by some one to two weeks, as a result of the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. The majority of the new services were due to launch on May 1. The new routes to Vienna, Wroclaw, Riga and Cork remain unaffected at this point. Lauda will base three aircraft in Zadar over the summer. The Ryanair Group estimates it will increase its passenger traffic at Zadar Airport by 50% to some 672.000 travellers.

RouteOriginal launch dateNew launch date
Zadar - AarhusMAY 1MAY 15
Zadar - HamburgMAY 1MAY 15
Zadar - MaastrichtMAY 1MAY 11
Zadar - BeauviasMAY 2MAY 6
Zadar - BremenMAY 2MAY 7
Zadar - ToulouseMAY 2MAY 16
Zadar - KaunasMAY 3MAY 6
Zadar - LiverpoolMAY 3MAY 10


  1. Anonymous17:20

    Lauda had a loss of 140 million Euro last year, and 180 milion in 2018.
    Due to the Corona crisis, the results will certainly not be better this year- I am curious for how long Ryanair will let them continue their business with such results.

    1. Anonymous19:46

      Not like FR will gain money this year... or Buzz ... or Malta Air Ltd.

    2. Anonymous23:36

      Or any other airline by the looks of it.

  2. We can only hope it stays at this.


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