Montenegrin airports concession stalls


The process for awarding a thirty-year concession over Montenegro’s two international airports in Podgorica and Tivat has stalled, with the government yet to call on the four qualified candidates to submit their final bids. The tender for the second and final phase of the process was due to launch during the first week of February, however, a month on, there is still no indication when the call may be issued. Complicating matters is that one of the qualified bidders - the Groupe ADP - TAV consortium - recently purchased another of the qualified bidders - GMR from India. As a result, the two companies are now in breach of the Montenegrin concession tender rules due to overlapping ownership. The two other qualified bidders are South Korea’s Incheon International Airport Corporation and Corporation America Airports from Luxembourg. It is also believed that the Montenegrin government has received a notable number of complaints from disqualified bidders over the way in which the first phase of the tender was conducted.


  1. Anonymous14:30

    Strangely, we didn't see bigger names such as Fraport or Vinci.
    If Incheon wins we will see more Asian traffic to MNE.

  2. Anonymous18:21

    Where's MNE keeps winning guy?

  3. Anonymous22:14

    Can you publish something about Airport "Nikola Tesla" Belgrade construction?

    1. You can review the article published ten days ago.

    2. Anonymous09:27

      I think it's just a matter of misunderstanding of timings, from the decision on the 4 qualified bidders, they were given 60 days for the final bid, which would put them in the beginning of March.

      For the issue of ADP and GMR, one of them just have to reject to give a final bid and that takes care of overlapping issue.

    3. Anonymous09:29

      There is no misunderstanding. There will be 60 days for these companies to submit their final bids but AFTER the government issues the second phase call. It has not been issued.

  4. Anonymous16:27
    Podgorica -- Aerodrome Crne Gore tužilo je više od 200 zaposlenih, potvrdile su podgoričkom "Danu" tri advokatske kancelarije.

    Maybe its related...

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