Pristina Airport registers strong growth

Pristina Airport has continued to post strong growth in 2020, with its February figures improving an impressive 20.8%. It handled 167.035 passengers during the shortest, and usually slowest, month of the year. During the first two months of 2020, Pristina Airport welcomed 350.165 travellers through its doors, up 14%. It has so far added an extra 43.119 passengers. Pristina Airport’s performance in February 2019 was somewhat affected by industrial action staged by its air traffic controllers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN183.130 8.5
FEB167.135 20.8


  1. Last year PRN's busiest airline, Germania, went under. Also, there ATCO were on strike. Hence the significant jump this year. In my opinion, the February result last year (up 11.9%) was just as impressive, if not more.

    1. The impact of strike was very limited since most the flights were rescheduled. PIA's 2019 passenger figures were significantly high compared to 2019 so Germania effect was not in place. Since February 2020 has 29 days it is an impact, but still around 21 percent growth is a big success. PIA is not stick to sole airline and they open space to any airline who wants to perform flights. Good job and yet to come...

  2. Nice statistics. 2.6 mln Pax easily reachable for PRN this year.

  3. Direkte fly fra kristiansand😎😎😎

  4. Anonymous02:02

    All the possible chances of climbing top3 position IN eX-Yu.
    One word: WOW!
    3 million will be reached next year.....


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