Smartwings to launch Podgorica service


Czech low cost carrier Smartwings will introduce flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Podgorica this summer season. Services will be maintained once per week, each Friday, from May 1 until October 9. The airline will compete directly against Montenegro Airlines on the route, which plans to maintain six weekly rotations between the two capital cities this summer. Further flight information for Smarwtings’ new service can be found here. The long turnaround time in Podgorica indicates the airline will be operating another flight from the Montenegrin capital in between. Smartwings recently inked an agreement with Czech tour operator Travel Family for charters between Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Podgorica,


  1. Anonymous10:31

    OU now Smartwings...MNE definitely keeps winning! Excellent job!!

  2. Anonymous12:27

    Smart decision.

  3. Anonymous13:46

    The fares are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. How on earth are they low cost?

    1. Anonymous14:37

      It's basically like a charter flights, tour operators fill seats.

      You can find good fares on YM or on JU via BEG.

    2. Anonymous17:01

      Yes, dear. QS is not a cheap airline nor is PRG as an airport. Do you remember how W6 pulled out if it a couple of years ago?
      But, the good thing about QS is that if the route works they will most likely connect the rest of Czechoslovakian cities to TGD. They typically connect Brno, Ostrava, Olumec, Bratislava, Poprad sometimes. Also, one a Czech loves a place, he repeats every year.
      It is time for Montenegro to become the new hit of the Balkans together with Albania that is currently booming like crazy.
      Interesting times ahead....

    3. Anonymous17:30

      Huh? Prague? What are you going on about dear, they are launching CDG-TGD, not PRG!

    4. Anonymous18:18

      So funny... didn't you see a sign that says You must be this tall to ride/post comments?


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