Belgrade Airport registers 11% decline in Q1


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled some 923.000 passengers during the first quarter of the year, representing a decrease of 10.8% compared to the same period in 2019. In a statement, airport operator VINCI, said, “Belgrade Airport started the year with 16.1% growth in passenger numbers in January and 13.0% in February, boosted by the momentum of Air Serbia in international markets. The downturn in passenger numbers in March and the total closure of the airport to commercial flights decided by the government on March 19 explain the 10.8% decline over the entire first quarter”. The number of aircraft movements decreased by 8.9% during the same period. The operator did not provide individual figures for March. These will be made available in May. The airport’s January and February performance can be found here. Nicolas Notebaert, Chairman of VINCI Airports and Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Concessions, said, “Our industry is going through a crisis that is unprecedented in its intensity and scope. In this very difficult climate, each of our airports can draw on unfailing support from our entire network to be stronger and more proactive facing the crisis and to better prepare, with all air sector stakeholders, the recovery when it comes”.


  1. Anonymous11:05

    so how much is the decline in March then?

    its not that a single airport in the world will have an increase

  2. Anonymous11:39

    It's actually quite easy if you have 2019 numbers...

    March2020=932.000- (Jan2019*16.1% + Feb2019*13.0%)

    For there you divide March2020 with March2019 and you get percentage decline

    1. Anonymous11:43

      But the 932.000 isn't an exact figure, It was rounded up or down (Vinci for some reason usually rounds down).

    2. Anonymous15:28

      Some of us were bad at math at school and we still suck at it - help us out :D

    3. Anonymous18:05

      If I have correct numbers for last year, in March it is around -54%.

    4. Anonymous23:23

      That makes sense, as the airport was open for about half a month

    5. Anonymous01:57

      I Mach BEG had

      2019 372.122
      2020 163.126

      so decline is 56,2%
      or 208.996 less passengers

    6. Anonymous06:38

      And if there was no corona we would be comfortably over 400.000

  3. Anonymous14:23

    Ne može se porediti promet broja putnika u periodu vanrednog stanja na Planeti (i u Srb), sa normalnim uslovima funkcionisanja vazdušnog saobraćaja, isključiti prikazivanje prometa za period Mart/Maj za BEG i ostale aerodrome. Prekidom vazdušnog saobraćaja su se "sačuvali" životi mnogih putnika i zaposlenih na aerodromima (ANTesla i drugim aerodr.)


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