Business as usual for Adria and Jat Tehnika


Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) providers Adria Tehnika in Ljubljana and Jat Tehnika in Belgrade, which are owned by the Avia Prime group, have seen no cutback in their usual business as a result of the Coronavirus Covid-19. “Adria Tehnika in Slovenia and Jat Tehnika in Serbia are currently operating as per usual. According to our calculations, the drop in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul business won’t be as significant or swift. Commercial airliners need regular maintenance to be certified to fly”, the group said in a statement.


  1. Anonymous11:36

    that is the proverbial whistling in the dark...

    sure, all maintenance companies that were not shut down by local corona regulations have normal business currently. because there are contracts, ...

    but the question is about the amount of business that they can plan for past september....

    in an environment where all large operators expect a shrinking market after the crisis; (even ever overoptimistic ryanair paddled back from their announcements from just a few weeks ago that they are negotiatiating to get delivery slots from boeing that are freed by expected cancellations of struggeling airlines) it is clear that everybody will trim its costs as much as possible as fast as possible, and as long as there is excess capacitiy this will be difficult for any maintenence company

    1. Anonymous13:01

      flying or not, planes still need to have regular check-ups and maintenance

  2. Anonymous12:01

    It seems that YU-ANK is on major works. There are no engines at seems also seats.


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