Ljubljana Airport registers steep passenger plunge


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport handled 36.409 passengers in March, representing a decrease of 72.8% compared to the same month last year. The number of aircraft movements declined 59.9% to 1.073. Ljubljana Airport, which closed for commercial traffic on March 17, saw the biggest monthly decline within Fraport’s portfolio. During the first quarter, Slovenia’s busiest airport welcomed 191.680 travellers through its doors, down 44.1%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN75.495▼ 27.1
FEB79.776 24.4
MAR36.409 72.8


  1. Anonymous11:59

    And people were saying LJU would bounce back to pre-Adria figures by September :D. Would've been much easier with Adria still flying. Now, mission impossible.

    1. Anonymous12:06

      Please, explain how, with airport being closed for passenger traffic. Would be very nice not to mix pre-corona predictions with the corona and post-corona period, at least admit that pre-corona predictions are totally irrelevant in new circumstances.

    2. Anonymous12:10


    3. Anonymous12:10

      That was before Corona. Stop it.

    4. Anonymous12:19

      Everything would be better if Adria was still alive, we know. LJU would have +50% even with COVID-19. And Adria would be highly profitable.

    5. Anonymous12:56

      Repatriation would be done with JP to LJU and not via ZAG

    6. Anonymous15:49

      @Anonymous 12:06:

      How? Do you really think all the airlines are returning after all of this is over? Except maybe if Slovenian government offers huge subsidies.

      Why would it be nice? All the Adria haters should have predicted something like that. After all, according to them, we can now afford to pay peoples salaries for sitting at home. With ALL that money saved by not subsidising Adria.

    7. Anonymous15:54

      Anonymous11:59 is right. There will be even less interest in LJU than before CoVid. With Adria still flying it would have been much easier getting the connectivity back. Now, no chance.

    8. Anonymous18:04

      haha..good joke - adria surviving this corona situation even if it hadn't gone under beforehand. good one. probably the ongoing joke at the SD & Levica parties' conventions (online of course).

    9. Anonymous20:51

      @Anonymous 18:04:
      What's so funny? I guess Italians are laughing as well. You know, renationalising Alitalia after it was doomed to fail. Oh, and I didn't even mention others (Germans, Croatians, Serbs, Norwegians, ...). What an ignorant buff00n you are.

  2. Anonymous12:13

    Now the question is, how much money will the Slovenian government be able to pay to keep Fraport in the country? After losing its flag carrier, I'm not sure that the current government can afford to lose its private airport operator too.

    1. Anonymous12:39

      what are you talking about??? Fraport is just building new terminal for 21MIO €, i am quite sure they are not going anywhere...

    2. Anonymous14:32

      3 strikes allready (JP, other did not take up the slack, corona), will they have the will power for 4th one ?

      If they restructure, first they will cut .....

    3. Anonymous16:46

      I do not expect that Fraport will just leave, but I am sure that they will try to make everything to operate at least with positive 0 balance. So less traffic, less employed people, more flexible working time, probably lower salaries, maybe attempt to attract more cargo flights, or even earning money with parking planes…. And they – at the end – also benefit from some Corona measures, the same way as Slovenian tourist industry expects.

  3. Anonymous17:40

    To put this decline in perspective: ZRH -63, FRA -62, BRU -60, AMS -56 % in March.

  4. Anonymous17:55

    The market will sort itself after this crisis is over, it will take some time, I guess more than 1 year, not just in LJU but all over Europe and in the rest of the world. I hope to fly with BA to LHR in late June from LJU, but I am afraid it won't happen.

  5. notLufthansa11:15

    as soon as Fraport will smell prolonged declining trend (after covid), they will leave LJU (probably sell it back to the state. mark my words.

  6. Anonymous13:16

    LJU is doomed. Noone will be flying in (or out) for another year. Fraport leaving or staying. The whole Slovenian turism was in ruins due Adria sroppage even before the corona struck. This has been drastically hushed by the very perpetrators. Now with depression following the investments mean nothing. Slovenija moja dezela, razen da hvala bogu ni!


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