Montenegro Airlines CEO resigns


The CEO of Montenegro Airlines, Živko Banjević, has resigned from his post. Mr Banjević has been at the helm of the company since February 2017. During his three-year reign, the airline expanded its operations, leasing additional aircraft during the summer, and managed to slash its losses and boost revenue. “The Board of Directors of Montenegro Airlines expresses its gratitude to Mr Banjević and the results he achieved during his work. We wish him good luck in his future endeavours”, a statement from the company reads. Vlastimir Ristić has been named as the airline’s new CEO. Mr Ristić has, up until now, served on the Board of Directors of operator Airports of Montenegro. He also runs two privately-owned companies, unrelated to the aviation industry.


  1. Anonymous21:27

    I think Daliborka will retake the position...

  2. Anonymous14:54

    Its possible YM will rent out healthy assets to some foreign airline, maybe even to AirSerbia and gain income but without conditioning the partner regarding utilization except that they keep serving the country to somelevel.

  3. Anonymous00:38

    The new guy is an old guy. Been there, done that. Acted on several big functions in the airline before


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