Niš Airport registers Q1 growth


Niš Constantine the Great Airport saw its passenger numbers grow during the first quarter of the year thanks to a strong performance prior the impact of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. In March it handled 16.210 passengers, representing a decrease of 38.7% compared to 2019. During the month, the number of aircraft movements declined 10.9% to 196. Niš Airport has been closed for commercial flights since March 18, although many services were cancelled prior to this date. During the first quarter, Constantine the Great Airport welcomed 94.982 travellers through its doors, which is still up 26.1% on the same period in 2019.


  1. I flew out of INI in September on the flight to TIV. Airport is TINY - but the flight was so cheap it was well worth it. LOVED the restaurant overlooking the runway. I will certainly fly again from there when it opens again. Hopefully some minor upgrades to the airport will be made during the downtime.

    1. Anonymous13:09

      Which part was tiny? How many planes were there the day you used it?

    2. Anonymous13:44

      airport is tiny

    3. Anonymous15:38

      You mean the building is tiny or the aporn or the café?

    4. I flew many times. Airport is terrible. Unorganised, dirty, toilets is with banner "Use it just for small things".. And personnel is veeery kind (I am jocking, of course)
      Anyway, cheap tickets, it's true..

    5. Anonymous21:14

      Well, when you decide to pay more than €3 airport tax maybe then the airport could afford to improve its facilities.

    6. Anonymous21:16

      There are plans

    7. Anonymous23:59

      Thanks for the info, guys. What about long-haul and flights to Vnukovo?

      Surely this route will work out easily. VKO-INI 2-3 weekly.

  2. Airport in general is small. Cafe is actually quite large. Two flights were on the runway (JU Airbus and a low-cost Airbus flying to gasto-workers with a very high LF).

    The airport is in need of refurbishment naturally and more gates for passport control for incoming flights. Once that is done, things should be good enough.

    I stayed the night in Nis and the locals told me that the flights have had a noticeable positive impact on the local restaurants, pubs and Airbnbs.


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