No date for Macedonian airport reopening


The Macedonian Ministry for Transport and Communications has said that no date has been given for the reopening of the country’s two international airports for commercial flights. The Ministry called on the general public not to purchase airline tickets for flights from Skopje and Ohrid. “Given the situation with the Covid-19 virus, at this point, it is not possible to predict when air traffic will be re-established, and passenger transport normalised. Until the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia adopts a new decision, we appeal for all citizens to refrain from booking tickets, in order not to further expose themselves to financial burdens”, the Ministry said in a statement.


  1. Be more specific are you I going to open airports or not because I want to come back in summer to beautiful ohrid again

    1. I'm from ohrid

    2. Anonymous10:34

      ke pocekas uste malku

    3. Yep I'll wait and enjoy beautiful ohrid fala

  2. Thank you for your feedback I'll stay but longer weather is great lake people sunshine and wear a mask protect others chao

  3. If I'm a Canadian citizen and I came to visit Macedonian I should be allowed to come back to my country and not be held hostage.
    What's my alternative to return??


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