PHOTOS: EX-YU airports see unusual Covid traffic


The majority of airports across the former Yugoslavia have been closed for commercial services over the past month, however, cargo operations and special passenger flights have boomed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Here is a selection of some of the unusual traffic airports in the region have seen lately.

Banja Luka

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 freighter aircraft brought medical supplies from China to Banja Luka.


Etihad Airways has operated three cargo-only flights with its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft over the past month bringing medical supplies.

A Wamos Air Boeing 747 aircraft carried over 300 passengers from the corona-stricken Grand Princess cruise ship to the Serbian capital.

A Nordwind Airlines B777-300ER jet operated a cargo-only service, delivering supplies from China.


Sichuan Airlines has operated several cargo-only flights with its Airbus A330-200 aircraft, transporting medical supplies from China to Ljubljana. The Spanish Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas also utuilsed its Airbus A340-600 jet to carry aid to the Slovenian capital.

A Nordwind Airlines B777-300ER operated a cargo-only service, delivering supplies from China.


A Flydubai Boeing 737-800 transported medical aid from the United Arab Emirates to Podgorica.


An AirAsia X Airbus A330-300 aircraft operated a cargo-only flight, bringing medical supplies from Malaysia.


An Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner ran a cargo-only flight to Zagreb, transporting medical supplies to the Croatian capital.

More aid from China was delivered on board this SF Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter jet.

China Eastern joined the effort by delivering 12.5 tons of aid on board its Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

It should be noted that Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines, FlyBosnia and Trade Air have all operated cargo flights to bring medical aid and equipment to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

This represents a selection of some of the flights that have taken place, although airports across the region have seen almost daily repatriation and cargo services.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Ethiopian's Boeing 777 at Banja Luka is priceless!

  2. Anonymous14:38

    Today SunExpress Germany came from Dusseldorf with B737-800 and Evelop Airlines from LAX via LHR and MAD with A330 to BEG

    1. Anonymous14:42

      An Aerflot B777 from Moscow yesterday too.

    2. Anonymous19:09

      Evelop A330 on approach to BEG:

      Very rare 747-300 EW-465TQ Transaviaexport medical supply delivery at BEG:

  3. I recorded Nordwind landing in Ljubljana, it was B777-300ER VP-BJP. Hopefully I will try to record more of those flights in near future!

  4. Anonymous18:29

    There was a Rada Airlines IL-62 last night at Sarajevo too. Sadly it only was there for less than an hour, from 23:30 to 00:30... :(

  5. Dejan Milinković12:03

    Here are some photos of interesting, kind of exotic airplanes visiting BEG during this unnecessary covid crisis -

    ETD B777-300 (three times) and ADB AN124 also visited BEG but they landed in the night during police hours, so impossible to catch.


    1. Anonymous16:28

      Great photos, thank you Dejan! Something to remember when pandemic is over. It would be also nice to have collection of photos with airports ARA visited during crisis: LAX, IAD, YYZ, PEK, PVG, CTU, SZX, CAN

  6. Anonymous13:45

    At Nikola Tesla airport also landed:
    Turkish airforce A400
    Aeroflot 777
    Transavia exports 747
    Antonov 124
    10 russian Ilyshins
    SunExpres 737
    747 registred in Moldova
    evelop A330
    Antonov An26
    Plus ones in the text,
    so BEG was a lot busier

  7. Anonymous09:43

    not sure 'aid' is the right term for these deliveries..most of the delivered cargo are just medical supplies (over)paid by the local goverments


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