Qatar Airways delays Zagreb resumption


Qatar Airways has pushed back its resumption of flights between Doha and Zagreb from April 30 until June 1. Services are currently scheduled to operate daily with its Airbus A320 aircraft, compared to double daily operations last summer season. 


  1. Anonymous12:08

    Ugh :(

  2. Ligicno , bice jos pomeranja.

  3. Anonymous13:31

    I don't like such news, makes me very sad.

  4. Anonymous15:23

    You can completely write off ANY Asian or American Tourists in Croatia this summer.
    Question is if the Germans will come, Bavarian PM is already preparing the population that it will have its vacation most probably in...Bavaria.

  5. Anonymous15:51

    This is going from bad to worse. We won't even have two million passengers in the end.

  6. Anonymous16:18

    And I say, pray for the 1st of June. That still would be kind of something ... With all my best wishes and hopes, I was expecting 1st of July or alike ... God help us all !

  7. Anonymous11:07

    Emirates has just postponed ALL of their flights to JULY 1, so, expect no real travel until then. France is also suggesting it's citizens to spend their summer vacation in France this year.


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