Qatar Airways suspends Zagreb service


Qatar Airways has suspended flights between Doha and Zagreb due to plummeting demand resulting from the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The last service between the two cities operated last week. Flights are expected to resume on April 30, four times per week, instead of its usual fourteen weekly rotations. From June, frequencies will be increased to seven weekly. During March, the Qatari carrier initially suspended the service for April but later rescheduled the flights, at a reduced frequency. The carrier is updating its schedule on a near-daily basis. Therefore, additional changes remain likely.


  1. Anonymous10:38

    hopefully these come back with demand collapsing all around the globe

  2. Anonymous14:35

    Too soon, the earliest flight operations should be possible is from June. Covid is far too greater risk, and nothing can be done till covid vaccine is ready.

  3. Anonymous16:20

    We will have to see how they perform now that tourism will be gone. I guess most of their passengers will be Australian Croats and I doubt there is enough of them to keep QR flying double daily


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