Skopje Airport overhauls apron, taxiway


Skopje Airport has used the ongoing coronavirus Covid-19 crisis to perform maintenance work and overhaul part of its apron and its “A” taxiway. Construction company Granit has been contracted to carry out the work. Skopje Airport has been closed for commercial traffic since March 18, however, cargo and repatriation services have been ongoing over the past weeks, with more to come.


  1. Anonymous11:16

    At least they are smart enough to use the closing time well

  2. At least they are using the closing time well.

  3. Anonymous11:50

    They should do some maintenance work in the terminal building as well.
    Far from desolate, but e.g. the restrooms could also profit from a makeover.

    1. Anonymous12:47

      The restrooms are OK, but far from the level we can see in other airports. It costs nothing to refresh them a bit.

    2. Anonymous11:29

      Skopje Airport is nice and simple, but the restrooms could benefit from refreshing indeed and remember: maintenance, maintenance, maintenance- often overlooked across the Balkans. It's not always about things being brand new, it's about them being consistently kept in good shape.

  4. Anonymous13:37

    At least they use the closing time well.

  5. Anonymous19:12

    Браво Скопје !

  6. good use of the closure of airport to do maintenance work ! hopefully Ohrid Airport will get some maintenance done as well


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