Slovenia prolongs commercial flight ban


Slovenia has extended a ban on commercial flights from the European Union until April 27 in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19. The country initially suspended all commercial air services from the EU until March 30 and later extended it until April 13. Under EU regulation, such decisions must be reviewed every two weeks. Commercial flights from outside the block are banned until further notice. The ban does not apply to aircraft transporting cargo or mail, those conducting special transport without passengers, ferry flights, or foreign aircraft or helicopters on humanitarian or health missions.


  1. Anonymous21:28

    Bravo. Keep the borders and airports completely shut until it's safe to re-open them, and not earlier. When they do re-open, there will have to be a wide range of measures including testing people outside of terminal buildings and social distancing inside airport terminals until a vaccine is found. Never been a better time to buy a car!

  2. And drive safely until you reach your neighbouring municipality! Have fun!


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