Three companies eye Maribor Airport


Three companies have submitted letters of interest in order to take part in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for the long-term operation of Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport. Last year, a fifteen-year concession of the airport, awarded to Chinese investors, was terminated after they failed to meet the obligations set out in their contract with the state, with each side blaming the other. Since then, the airport has been run by the state-owned DRI consulting and engineering company. The Ministry for Infrastructure is yet to open the letters with the expressions of interest. Therefore, the names of the companies remain unknown. The Ministry previously noted, “The long-term operation of the airport is planned within the framework of a Public-Private Partnership, encompassing the development of infrastructure and an accompanying commercial program. A national spatial plan is being drafted for Maribor Airport. It will provide the basis for its modernisation in line with contemporary commercial passenger and cargo transport, as well as the overhaul of airport and non-airport infrastructure in accordance with national transport and security requirements under international (ICAO) and European (EASA) standards”.


  1. Anonymous16:40

    Wonder if there was any international interest

  2. Anonymous18:38

    Airports across the world are struggling to survive. No one sane would do this in these times.

  3. Anonymous19:08

    Why not. Can be very cheap parking possibilty for grounded planes. Lack of any traffic makes parking even on runway for a long term possibilty. There were no planes when aviation booms, so no planes will arrive in the near future.

    1. Anonymous21:01

      If you only have one runway, you can't park more than one aircraft there. How are they supposed to take off if there are other aircraft there and the apron and taxiways are full?

      Maribor's apron is quite small and seeing how most airlines already successfully parked their aircraft, there's probably not much demand for parking in MBX.

    2. notLufthansa13:23

      there are only two options - either it becomes training facility or they close it down. There is no option for cargo as there is nothing to ship by planes, and there will never bee any commercial flights from/to MBX.


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